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[699] Conversion of Dental Tools Into Wax Engraving Tools
This paper describes the conversion of dental tools into wax engraving tools, how they are held and how they are used. (2005)
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[201] Finding Flaws - Identifying and preventing wax defects
Manufacturer spend much time and money diagnosing defects that are believed to originate in the casting process, but actually occur during waxing. Many companies run in circles, changing this gate/sprue, that metal, these temperatures, and screaming at suppliers to try to fix the 'mystery' problem. While these areas certainly can be the source of problems, many defects are misdiagnosed as casting defects, and thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars are wasted in search of non-existent flaws in the casting process.... (2003)
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[693] Quick Tip - Slicing Wax Slabs
A drill press (either a full size, miniature, or Foredom) with an end mill or cylinder bur can thin down wax slabs quickly and accurately. Position the bottom of the cylinder bur or end mill slightly higher than the desired thickness of the finished wax.... (2005)
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[894] Revising Milled CAD/CAM Models for Manufacturing
I have great respect for the capabilities of CAD/CAM technology, and Ive seen some absolutely amazing pieces generated by it. Ive also seen some pieces that miss the mark; they need some simple revisions to make them easier to produce and aesthetically pleasing. I asked Marc Williams of MarcCo Jewelers in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, for an assortment of CAD castoffs -- pieces with "issues" that I could use to demonstrate how to resolve production and design problems. Ill evaluate and revise the first of these pieces here, and others will follow in subsequent issues..... (2009)
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[646] Setting Gemstones in Wax
The one of the most revolutionary advance in recent years, apart from the Laser soldering, is the method of "Setting Stones in Wax". It has "freed" up many impossible designs and allowing the manufacturer to forge ahead and create many difficult setting projects. Otherwise, that company might have had to re-design their ideas and to have the stones hand set. A jewellery company can now replicate each design with the same degree of accuracy and professionalism.... (2005)
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