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[106] Devil's Advocate; The Naked Eye - Diamond's Worst Friend
One of the important reasons for the dominance of diamond in the gem market is the existence of a comprehensive and internationally-accepted system of quality analysis. This allows us common folk to buy with confidence, for with a diamond grading report we have an independent “expert” opinion of the stone’s quality. But how “expert” are them experts anyway. Is this opinion, itself, always infallible? Do the different quality steps really indicate genuine differences in quality?.... (1997)
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[557] Diamonds
If you are shopping for a large diamond, .75 carat or more, you should look for a loose stone, or ask the stone be removed from the mounting if possible. When it is loose ask to see the stone weighed. Have the seller show you its color grade and show you its flaws under magnification. Look at the diamond in ordinary light, rather than under spot lights. Keep in mind that all diamonds do not look alike, to see the differences it is important to look at a few and compare them. It is especially important to look at them under normal lighting conditions, not just under the intense "diamond lights" that are prevalent in jewelry stores..... (1999)
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[213] Enhancing the stone - An Update on Diamond Treatment
A summary of the most common treatment techniques used on diamonds, how they are identified by trained gemologists, and what potential problems they present to manufacturers, retailers, and bench jewelers.... (2003)
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