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[359] Creative Freedom - Technology has opened doors for jewelry designers
The jewelry industry has seen a veritable flood of new technologies in recent years—from CAD/CAM and laser welders to new alloys and Precious Metal Clay (PMC). And after a tentative start, jewelry designers have begun to embrace them. The result has been designs both simple and sophisticated, clumsy attempts and elegant results. Critics have derided the new technologies for producing jewelry that's sterile or amateur, while proponents argue that various technologies will forever change the way we make jewelry.... (2004)
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[421] Enameling On Fine Silver Metal Clay
Enameling on pieces made from Precious Metal Clay is a joy! The clay is malleable and will take any shape or texture: it handles like ordinary clay before it is sintered. After the sintering, the material is usable in a variety of enameling techniques. Sintering, an evaporation process, is done by firing the formed clay in a kiln at a high temperature that removes the binder and water and compresses the minute metal particles into solid metal. After sintering, the object is pure silver or gold and is enameled as such.... (2002)
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[142] Firing Created Moissanite and Diamonds into place in PMC
PMC is not a traditional material, and so a few pioneers went about tentatively setting cubic zirconia's, and lab grown corundum into the clay. For almost a decade it has been believed that natural stones would be destroyed in the sintering process. And so nobody took the risk. A few brave souls attempted to "cast" diamonds in place in the kiln. Proving to not only be a costly experiment, but.... (2002)
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[483] Ford + Forlano - Serendipitous Structure
Visitors to craft shows may know Steven Ford and David Forlano by their company name, CityZenCane, the polymer clay guys, but that doesn't cover all they do. True, they emerged from the world of polymer clay with a highly developed aesthetic, and have only recently considered the conceptual side of jewelry. But their spirit, their constantly evolving designs, and their refusal to coast on a well-earned reputation warrants attention. Ford and Forlano have been making jewelry together since 1988. As sophisticated interpreters of the new idiom of polymer clay.... (2003)
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[500] Kiln Questions
First, the 'n' really is silent, at least according to the American Heritage Dictionary. There are kilns as big as your house, used for cooking everything from grain to stone, but we don't need to concern ourselves with those. Even in the sub-sub-category of benchtop electric kilns there are plenty of questions. Let's take a look at a few.... (2004)
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