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[1083] Casing an Orchid Flower
Everybody scampers for executing orders in a rush against all odds to satisfy customers or - if you're lucky - to make customers smile with a piece you've created with your craft. But how about yourself? Why not take the time, unwind and focus on a gift for yourself. Besides all recent technical advances of CAD/CAM there's still the most sophisticated things in nature. So why not take put an orchid on your bench literally.... (2015)
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[48] Cast hinges
Cast hinges are a very important part of much production jewelry work, partly because hinge assembly on such pieces is reduced to inserting the hinge pin and so provides a very fast linkage system ideal for cast objects. We are primarily speaking here of lost wax investment casting. If you look at any trade magazines you will find many examples of cast hinges in the advertisements.... (1997)
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ISBN: 0969851030


[472] Firescale Prevention During Vacuum Casting - An Inexpensive Method
Firescale has been the scourge of sterling silver casters since the first silver was poured into a mold. It has been a thorn in the side of silver fabricators. Fortunately there are ways to prevent fire scale while silver soldering. This paper describes a simple, inexpensive method of preventing fire scale during vacuum casting.... (2005)
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[976] Seal of Approval: A Quick Tip for Improving Casting Quality
Every caster has seen his or her fair share of investment inclusions. You´ll be polishing a casting when suddenly a whole will pop up with a bit of investment inside. You then have to dig out the investment and fill in the hole with wire, using a laser welder. It´s time consuming -- not to mention an inferior product.... (2011)
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