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[38] An investment procedure for lost wax casting
Clean, fresh investment, water and investment at room temperature, de-ionized or distilled water or water that has been sitting overnight. Follow the proportions suggested by the investment manufacturer. Usually 40cc of water to 100 grams of investment is good. Use a dust filter mask and gloves. Time yourself. Remember: 'Well begun is half done'.... (1990)
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[668] Casting Investment Powder Performances
In each step of manufacturing jewelry, there are many factors that can adversely affect quality. Because of this, process control is very important. Investing is one of those steps in which process control is vital. Most investment manufacturers help the investor control the process variables by providing a consistent product, user instructions and technical support. However, improper handling of the investment powder often destroys their efforts. Improper storage, poor water quality, wrong mixing ratios, insufficient mixing methods, uncontrolled temperatures and others can each reduce casting quality and thus cause loss of production and money. This paper will present some data that will show what some factors do to the various investment properties.... (2002)
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[888] Casting Notes for Silver Lost Wax Casting
Casting of silver can be fairly easy and these notes are the results of my experience through trial and error as well as instruction from an experienced jeweler and instructor. Mark Ruby the instructor for the Fort Collins Senior Center was instrumental in helping with these notes and instructions. The person that has helped me test and experiment with the different methods is Mary Jo Ziedler. We have made some mistakes and we have had our successes. Mary Jo and I have only performed investment and casting using centrifugal equipment.... (2009)
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[40] Casting Safety: a glimpse
Here's something to aim for: a well laid-out, orderly workshop, well-lit by multiple non glare light sources, well-maintained equipment, electrically and fire safe, with low dust and few procedures involving solvents, with excellent local ventilation at the appropriate work.... (1999)
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[1011] Etype Automated Wax Injection System
Racine and his son, Ittai, a physicist by profession but a top engineer, passed on purchasing the dated facility and equipment, instead opening a new tech-savvy casting workshop. It was here that they designed the Etype automated wax injection system that earned them a 2011 MJSA Thinking Ahead Award. The system features a motorized conveyor belt that brings barcoded molds to an injection station. There they are read and injected using the corresponding stored parameters, then returned on the conveyor belt to a worker, who removes the wax and starts the process over again. The number of wax injection stations used varies between one and four, depending on the volume needs of the manufacturer.... (2012)
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