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[692] Comparing the Practical Application of Three Welding Systems
AJM Magazine asked me to perform a comparative analysis of three welding systems performance in several different precious metal welding applications. I was to analyze the PUK 2 spot welder, which was developed by Lampert Tools USA Inc. and supplied to me by SEP Jewelry Tools of Chicago; the Mini Pulse III from Aelectronic Bonding Inc. (ABI) in Cranston, Rhode Island; and a laser welder. (I used my Starweld by Rofin-Baasel, which I purchased from Manufacturing Technologies in San Diego , but the results presented in this article are accurate for most laser welders used in the jewelry industry.)... (2005)
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[1011] Etype Automated Wax Injection System
Racine and his son, Ittai, a physicist by profession but a top engineer, passed on purchasing the dated facility and equipment, instead opening a new tech-savvy casting workshop. It was here that they designed the Etype automated wax injection system that earned them a 2011 MJSA Thinking Ahead Award. The system features a motorized conveyor belt that brings barcoded molds to an injection station. There they are read and injected using the corresponding stored parameters, then returned on the conveyor belt to a worker, who removes the wax and starts the process over again. The number of wax injection stations used varies between one and four, depending on the volume needs of the manufacturer.... (2012)
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[400] Foredom's TX Flexshaft
When manufacturing and repairing jewelry products, rotary equipment is essential to the process. Nothing is more frustrating or potentially damaging to the task than equipment that offers less than smooth, reliable and strong performance. The Foredom TX flexible shaft is capable of delivering this and more, resulting in greater efficiency, consistency and valuable time savings with the job at hand.... (2004)
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[174] Grinding Wheel Safety Thoughts
Besides the safety instructions that you get from a tool manufacturer in the tool manual it may be necessary for you to write your own sets of rules up to keep you out of trouble. This is especially important with employees. What follows is an example of thinking about what can go wrong with a tool. The tool used as an example is a mounted grinder. You can do the same sort of rule compilation with all the tools in your shop. See the "General Safety Rules for Tools" article as a starting point, then each tool will have certain idiosyncrasies which need to be noted. Think of it as "What advice would I give to someone to keep them out ot trouble on this machine?".... (1998)
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[200] How laser welders are impacting jewelry manufacture and repair in the 21st century
The one tool that allows each of these jewelers to do their jobs better is a laser welder, a technological advancement that is becoming increasingly common in trade shops and manufacturing facilities. By using a sharply focused beam of light to produce very high heat in a small area, lasers are allowing jewelers to routinely accomplish tasks that would once have been either impossible or too time consuming to be worthwhile.... (2003)
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