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[911] Beading Tool Tips
Like most bench jewelers I do a lot of bead setting and like most bench jewelers I take pride in my work. When I bead set I want crisp and clean beads. Recently, I was setting one pointers into white gold skirts that would become a pair of earrings. I hadnt gotten very far when I noticed that the beads were getting raggedy and there was quite a bit of finning between the edges of the bead and the melee. I knew this meant that my beading tool was becoming dull. I would like to share with you a tool tip for sharpening a worn out beading tool.... (2009)
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[990] Bench Tip: How to Make Spiral-Cut Rubber Molds
Small, fine drill bits used for jewelry making will become dull with normal use. Worn cutting edges make tasks more difficult and time-consuming and can cause costly accidents, including damage to jewelry and gemstones or even injury. Maintaining the cutting surfaces on your tools will ensure clean, consistent work at the bench. This installment will teach you how to sharpen the cutting edges of a fine drill bit. There are different styles of bit tips, but this example features a chisel tip. Let´s begin with a look at its anatomy.... (2012)
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[320] Bur with Safe Edge Tool
Here iss a nice little tool that makes use of an old setting bur. If you take the bottom teeth off a setting bur and polish the surface, you will have a tool that allows you to get right up next to the wall of a bezel and work on it without harming the metal on the bottom of the piece..... (2004)
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[418] Channel Setting Tools Designed For Wax
Stone-in-place casting is growing in practice with manufacturers and retail manufacturing operations taking advantage of these labor saving techniques. Stone-in-place casting requires gemstones be properly set in the wax model prior to casting. The most often utilized style of setting for this procedure is channel for round, baguette and princess cut gemstones..... (2004)
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[699] Conversion of Dental Tools Into Wax Engraving Tools
This paper describes the conversion of dental tools into wax engraving tools, how they are held and how they are used. (2005)
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