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Behind The Design (81)
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[868] 950 Palladium: Successful Design Considerations
Well designed 950 palladium jewelry plays to the strengths of this unique metal -- the aesthetics of its light, bright, white color, weight and 'feel'. It's a joy to create a beautiful piece of jewelry which delights the wearer, and promises to remain trouble free for years to come. So here's a tip: Emphasize the positive qualities of this unique metal in your designs. Whether palladium plays a supporting role to diamonds or fancy gemstones, or takes the spotlight in visual form or tactile comfort, employing its best characteristics in your creations will serve you well in saleable jewelry, customer satisfaction and your bottom line.... (2007)
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[768] Artful Attempts to Capture the Uniqueness of a Gemstone
Ask three accomplished designers to create around a gemstone carved by one talented lapidary and what do you get? Three unique designs that not only capture the complexity of this one-of-a-kind stone, but also reflect the distinctive signature styles of each designer. On the following pages, Klecka, Crevoshay, and Schneider tell why their design choices complement the beauty of this exceptional gemstone while conveying their personal styles.... (2006)
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[486] Bench Designers Talk About colored gemstone Jewelry Design and Repair
An experienced bench jeweler will often be able to create almost any design that doesn't actually violate the laws of physics. But colored stones are softer and typically less durable than diamonds, and a setting designed for a diamond may spell disaster with an opal or an emerald. The resulting creation may be beautiful when you first present it to the customer, but if the piece is worn frequently, it's likely to make a quick return to the jeweler's bench for repair. In this article expert gem setters share their tips and warnings for working with colored stones.... (2004)
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[1025] Bring Your A-Game; Designing Around an Incredible Asscher
When a customer brings you a 4.27 carat, E color, VS1 clarity, Asscher cut diamond, it´s tough not to be intimidated and awed. The client, one of my best customers, also had very specific requirements for the platinum bridal set that would house the stone: The engagement ring and wedding band had to be comfortable, fit flush together, and show off the quality and shape of the stone. For the engagement ring, he wanted a simple yet unique mounting that would showcase the stone as best as possible. So I set off to do just that.... (2012)
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[577] Classical Revival
The classics never go out of style. Classicism as a design principle has come to mean simplicity, proportion, restraint, and symmetry, or admiration and imitation of these principles. it is often contrasted with romanticism, and connotes a kind of conservatism inherent in looking backward Classical jewelry is usually made of gold, and based on Etruscan, Greek, and Roman designs or techniques.... (2004)
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