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[430] 3M XR and Scotch-Brite Wheels
3M XR wheels, formerly known as XK wheels are ideal for sprue removal and smooth deburring with minor surface reduction. A channel can be created in the wheel for repetitive multiple part processing. They replace stone wheels, have superior edge retention and last up to 4 times longer. The side of the wheel can be used as a lap to produce crisp edges and they generate less waste than conventional wheels..... (2002)
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[1033] A Universal Expanding Ring Mandrel for the Small Lathe
The other week a friend came by the shop for some jewelry related lathe help. She was using a ring holder meant for benchwork (GRS Benchmate) to chuck her rings, both waxes and metal) for turning. While her holder worked, I thought I could come up with something better. Based on the Taig #1132 Blank Arbor, the mandrel shown here could be made with a straight shank as well, for mounting on a variety of lathes. As shown it will work on the Taig lathe, and if you turn down the end of the blank arbor for about 1/8", on the Sherline lathe as well. If you want to make it with a straight shank, you should chuck up some 1/2" rod in your lathe chuck, turn the end down to 1/4" dia for about 1" to 1-1/2", then chuck that 1/4" shank in a 1/4" collet on your lathe (Taig, Sherline and watchmakers collets all are available in 1/4" internal diameter).... (2012)
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[759] AJM Innovation Awards 2005
AJM Magazine has announced the winners of the second annual AJM Innovation Awards. These awards recognize technologies that are making a difference in the jewelry manufacturing industry today, and will continue to do so in the future.... (2005)
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[760] An Introduction to the Flex-shaft System
The flex-shaft is a wonderful tool - but one that jewelers rarely use to its maximum advantage. Usually the first piece of serious equipment in which hobbyists or graduate jewelry students invest, the flex-shaft system makes bench work much easier: It reduces effort and fatigue, enhances production, and can be used for a variety of tasks, from scraping wafer-thin pieces of wax to grinding down larger pieces of metal for hollowware. Despite this, the tools accessories, power specifications, and range of uses have remained a mystery to many. This book is intended to solve that problem: It will attempt to demystify the flex-shaft system, and to educate each reader in how to use this essential tool to its full potential.... (2005)
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[1048] At the Bench Maintenance Schedule
Take a look around you. Chances are there is a flex-shaft or a dust collector you´ve neglected because you´ve been too busy making jewelry. As you put your heart and soul into your work, don´t forget to take a little time to give some TLC to your bench tools and equipment. Follow this simple maintenance schedule suggested by the bench gurus at Stuller Inc. to keep your favorite tools shipshape..... (2013)
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