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Excerpts from: Metalsmith Magazine
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[396] A Fulfilling Absence - The Enamelware of Sarah Perkins
The tendency to dismiss enamelwork as a superficial art­literally, as a matter of surfaces glossing over the duller hues of base metal, and figuratively, as nothing more profound than a decorative, and therefore decadent, mode of appeal to the eye-has clearly diminished in recent decades..... (2003)
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[411] Andy Cooperman, Sargasso Server, 2002
Andy Cooperman's Sargasso Server, a contemporary sterling silver fish slice, evokes life in the sea. The blade resembles a squid's tapering, almost conical head, trailed by silver and gold 'tentacles' that form the handle. These long, interwoven strands of metal also suggest tangles of kelp, or sargassum weed. The transitional piece between handle and blade imitates the flared movement of a jellyfish and the nodular texture of a sea urchin. A Seattle metalsmith who works primarily as a jeweler.... (2003)
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[502] Beyond the Blue Box - The Tiffany & Co. conservation Lab
The conservation lab, located at the Tiffany & Co. manufacturing facility in Parsippany, NJ, is a long, stark room with high ceilings and cold fluorescent light. It is oversees the collection of nearly one million design drawings, production records, and correspondence that had been accumulating since the early 1850s.... (2004)
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[511] Bohemian Rhapsody - Importing Barbara Seidenath
When Venetian glassmakers sold out their state secrets to Czech glassmakers, Jablonec began its hegemony in glass beads. The region also became renowned for through its production of costume jewelry during the second half of the 18th century, and together the two industries helped it survive numerous European conflicts and two world wars. After World War II, however, the Germans were expelled and resettled in NeuGablonz, the German name for the old Czech town. Jablonec, however, still exists as the center of Czech glass beadmaking.... (2002)
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[288] Book Review - Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives
This book is not only very good, it is important. In the introduction, author David Darom, who is a marine biologist, photographer and collector of knives, describes becoming aware of a gap between the exquisite work he saw in shows and a general perception of folding knives primarily as practical tools. As a successful author of 20 books on a wide range of subjects, Darom took what was for him a logical route to close this gap; he made a showcase book to exhibit what he calls a Hall of Fame of leading knifemakers..... (2004)
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