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Excerpts from: Ganoksin
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[901] Liver of Sulfur 101
Liver of sulfur, a stinky jewelry studio standby, can be used to create beautiful patinas on Silver, Silver Precious Metal Clay or Art Clay.... (2009)
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[1030] Make Your Own Jewelry Displays
Here are some photos of jewelry displays I have made. Bend galvanized sheet metal to make an acute sort of "L" shape, and round the corners a bit with heavy tin snips. Felt will be placed on the front, trimmed to a size just about 5 mm bigger than the metal edges, and then the display will be covered with fabric, in this case a linen-looking cotton in bone white. Fabric with a rough weave or a bit of fuzz is good, so it won´t show pin holes in the future when you move jewelry around.... (2012)
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[936] Making a Bezel
Making a bezel for many stones such as an antique cushion garnet can be difficult when the mandrels on hand do not fit. With the miniature stakes the whole process is quick and easy. The side benefit is that they are more precise than only using pliers or unstable jewelry anvils... (2008)
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[854] Making a Pewter Sake Cup
Pewter, an alloy of tin, antimony, and copper, dominated European tableware for half a millennium until it was eclipsed by porcelain in the early 19th century. Now, almost two hundred years later pewter has entered a renaissance in the hands of creative metalsmiths. In this project, suitable for beginners, you will learn how to cut, form, fuse, solder, and finish pewter to produce a lovely and function cup.... (2007)
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[634] Making a Shield for a Foredom Handpiece
This paper describes two simple methods of creating a shield to be used on the end of a Foredom handpiece. The shield will prevent grindings and dust from being slung into the face. Always wear eye protection when using the handpiece.... (2005)
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