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Excerpts from: Ganoksin
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[633] Improved Anti-fire Scale Casting Procedure
This paper describes a process that eliminated fire scale during a vacuum casting cycle. Castings should not have a fire scale problem if the casting are cooled following this procedure....This casting was cooled using this process. This is what it looks like after quenching and brushing with a brass brush.... (2005)
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[765] Introduction to Weaving with Sheet and Wire
Textile techniques are traditionally worked with fibers such as linen, cotton and silk. However, they can also be applied to metal. I weave high karat gold and platinum sheet and wire by hand. The process of weaving creates fabric. I shape that fabric into ribbons and ruffles, spirals and loops, which become earrings, brooches, necklaces and pendants. I create two collections of limited production and one-of-a-kind jewelry, each based on a different technique.... (2006)
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[86] Iridescent Patina
This is the basic recipe for the iridescent patina. This patina is most effective on highly textured pieces, such as torch texture, rollerprinted and reticulation. It has a slight color interference pattern, similar to oil on water. It has a high natural luster, similar to the nacre on pearls, if done correctly with many repeated dips in a weak solution. It is durable, the colors remain stable to a high degree, and.... (2003)
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[118] Jasper
The minerals grouped as jasper belong to the quartz family. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. It's formed primarily from silica and oxygen, but includes trace amounts of dozens of other minerals. Because of these ineralogical impurities.... (2002)
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[694] Juried Shows - Putting Your Best Foot Forward
There is nothing that will block the path towards acceptance in a juried situation more quickly than a poor quality or unintelligible image-- be it digital or film. The goal is to convey as much information about the piece pictured as possible without ambiguity or confusion. Relying on the jurors having any time or desire to puzzle out what is going on in an image will result in an irritated jury indisposed to accepting the entry. A poor image may indicate to a jury that the artist doesnt take their work seriously enough to find a way to document it well. When the competition is stiff (the amount of quality images/entries is high) this can definitely affect an artists chances of making the cut. There are certainly instances when a piece is so strong that it can shine through a screen of poor photography. But relying on that is faith misplaced. If the only true acquaintance a juror--be they an exhibition juror, book or magazine editor or gallery director-- has with a piece is the image taken of it, then that image had better make a positive first impression. (2005)
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