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Excerpts from: AJM
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[295] Cut Loose - Wax Carving Basics: Part 1
If you are accustomed to working in this additive fashion, the subtractive process of carving wax may be daunting to you at first. It challenges you to find a form, such as a ring, that is trapped in a block of wax. You must get an image of the piece in your minds eye, and then remove excess material until you have created that image. Sound tricky? Well, it does not have to be..... (2004)
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ISBN: B00006K39S


[916] Dazors SpeckFINDER HD Takes Magnification to High-Tech Levels
When a maid steals a $250,000 gold and diamond necklace from a famous rappers hotel room, only to find that those diamonds are actually CZs, it puts the hotel manager in a state of panic. Sure, he feels good about recovering the stolen necklace. But how does he prove its the same necklace the rapper paid a quarter of a million dollars for, thinking it had white and canary diamonds set in it?.... (2010)
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[972] Debunking Three Myths About Sawing
In thinking about the daily tasks that I undertake at the bench, I realized how easy it is to fall back on old habits, and to make assumptions and generalizations, particularly about the accuracy of things that I was taught early on in my career. The following are a few myths about one of the most basic procedures at the bench: sawing.... (2011)
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ISBN: B00006K39S


[663] Design Alternatives
Expanding the boundaries of conventional jewelry design through the use of unusual materials -- Titanium, Niobium, Copper, Metal clay, Acrylic, Resin --It is not the usual materials inventory for jewelry makers. For millennia, jewelry has been made of gold and silver, platinum and gems -- materials the market understands and readily accepts. But what about non-traditional materials? (2005)
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ISBN: B00006K39S


[1053] Design Applications for Laser Engraving
Laser engravers can do wonders for a jewelry manufacturer´s hallmarking process, making it more efficient and leaving a crisp, clear mark of even the most detailed logobut the benefits of this technology don´t stop there. As the cost of laser engraving equipment has come down in recent years and the degree of accuracy and versatility has increased, more jewelers have started looking at laser engravers as more than just marking tools. On the following pages, you´ll read about how three jewelry companies are putting their engravers to use as design tools, creating unique and personalized details that help set their jewelry apart. (2013)
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