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Excerpts from: Glass on Metal
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[330] Cloisonne Cup
Who has not dreamt of that nobly shaped chalice, enameled all over with immaculate transparents... maybe just one fine gold line winding around its outside... so elegantly understated, so utterly simple... That is poetry. It would neither work nor last. A chalice has to withstand very hard use, and maybe even abuse. It must be carefully planned. That is why I have made this cup a teaching example. [Step by step with illustrations].... (1986)
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[209] Cloisonne Primer - History of cloisonne technique
In the late 20s, a small enamel tray, made in China, introduced us to the word cloisonne. The material looked like the granite ware in our kitchen. Obviously the wires were used to keep the colors separated. Then, cloisonne was enamel with wires separating the colors. Simplicity, pure and simple. This is where the majority of the general public leaves the subject, little knowing or caring about its rich history.... (1995)
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[226] Combining Enameling Techniques
Enamel technique has progressed in a logical and practical direction through the ages, advancing when inspiration, need or new technology permitted. Modern technology has indeed given us new approaches to technique but only from the grounded foundation of knowledge that existed before.... (1993)
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[273] Copper Mesh Plique a Jour
Interested in illuminating my work and using experimental techniques, I came across copper mesh. There are many kinds of mesh, but only a few are easily obtained without buying in bulk from industrial suppliers. I have been using the 'Impressions' mesh, from American Art Clay Co., with transparent enamels for making plique a jour pieces. The mesh can be purchased from a local craft store or online. There are three varieties available, ranging from dense cloth like mesh , to 1/8 to 1/4 inches diamond shaped expanded mesh.... (2002)
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[1081] Dichroic Enamels - How to Add a Dichroic Effect to Your Enamels
Dichroic glass is simply beautiful. Often referred to as dichro or dicro, the term refers to multiple ultra-thin microlayers of metal oxides which are evaporated onto the surface of glass in a vacuum chamber. These oxides change the way that light is transmitted and reflected, so that as you turn the glass, the color changes. A dichroic coating appears to have additional colors when you turn it and view it from different angles. A piece of dichroic glass may appear one color when you look at it straight on, but different colors when viewed from the side or at an angle. The exciting news is that glass is not the only material that can be coated with dichroic material -- paper can be coated with dichroic material as well.... (2008)
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