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Excerpts from: Ganoksin
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[1083] Casing an Orchid Flower
Everybody scampers for executing orders in a rush against all odds to satisfy customers or - if you're lucky - to make customers smile with a piece you've created with your craft. But how about yourself? Why not take the time, unwind and focus on a gift for yourself. Besides all recent technical advances of CAD/CAM there's still the most sophisticated things in nature. So why not take put an orchid on your bench literally.... (2015)
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[888] Casting Notes for Silver Lost Wax Casting
Casting of silver can be fairly easy and these notes are the results of my experience through trial and error as well as instruction from an experienced jeweler and instructor. Mark Ruby the instructor for the Fort Collins Senior Center was instrumental in helping with these notes and instructions. The person that has helped me test and experiment with the different methods is Mary Jo Ziedler. We have made some mistakes and we have had our successes. Mary Jo and I have only performed investment and casting using centrifugal equipment.... (2009)
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[5] Chain Making Project
This project is for beginners that wish to become silversmiths, part time or full time. Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this faster with the use of mechanical tools, but you are doing this project to learn how to use your frame saw and how to solder... () (1996)
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[123] Chalcedony
Silicon dioxide, better known as quartz, is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. Mineralogists divide quartz into two classifications: crystalline and cryptocrystalline, based on the size of its crystals. Cryptocrystalline is also called microcrystalline quartz.... (2001)
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[997] Channel Setting Bezel Pulling Pliers # 111-137
These pliers are used to pull back bezels on channel set rings. This allows you to drop in the stones without thinning the edge to allow the stone to drop in. It works especially well with the continuous channel method that the all-set tool creates. Mark the bottom jaws about 0.25 in from the end.... (2012)
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