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Excerpts from: MJSA Journal
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[1067] 2015 Musings - Industry leaders share their thoughts on the future of the industry
No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, which can make business planning a challenge. To help make that task a little easier, we recently spoke with leading members of the industry to hear where they thought we´re headed in the coming year and beyond. Obviously, everyone can base their opinions only on their own experiences and observations, but in reviewing their views of the future of the industry, you´ll see several similaritiesmost notably that the industry will continue its slow but steady growth. So as you read through these musings, think about how their predictions will impact your business, and what you can do now to take advantage of the coming trends.... (2015)
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[1068] 6 Key ingredients to create bestselling jewelry designs
To be successful, jewelry designers need more than just great designs - they need the right blend of six key ingredients to create bestselling lines. (2015)
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[225] A Lesson in Invisible Setting
This column is from the At the Bench column that appears every month in AJM. For this project, it is assumed that you have prepared the mounting and acquired the grooved stones for invisible setting. The use of a microscope or 10x eye loupe can be crucial when working with the tight tolerances involved in the invisible setting process.... (2003)
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[381] A peek into the X Files on new Platinum Sterling
It took about two months of experimentation to get the formulas for Platinum Sterling Silver just right - Robinson created alloys containing 5 percent, 3.5 percent, and 1 percent platinum. But he's the first to admit that combining silver and platinum isn't a novel concept..... (2004)
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[960] A Tale of Love: Jim Dailing Crafts Sentimental "story rings"
Custom designer Jim Dailing of Bend, Oregon, has been making jewelry for 30 years. For a brief stint during the mid 1980s he did so in a traditional jewelry store that he helped to open. But he soon found that he was not a fan of all the distractions that come with a retail environment, preferring instead to concentrate on the design process and the clients involved in a more intimate setting. His main studio in Portland, Oregon, while mostly workshop space, has a comfortable meeting area for appointments. (He also has a studio in his hometown of Bend, splitting his time between the two spaces.) Although he did not set out to specialize in wedding rings, his business evolved in that direction. For Dailing, the stories his customers share about their relationships motivate his art. During initial client meetings, which usually run from 30 to 60 minutes, talk of jewelry may not surface for quite a while..... (2010)
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