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  Frugal Goldsmith
By: studioarete ( 6)
Appeared in: Fabrication 
Runtime: 9m 13s | Views: 5,853 | Comments: 6
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A demonstration of how to process scrap gold.

Posted by janetberg
(1697 days ago)
Hi Leonid!
A few questions....:-)....
/>1. Why don't you do the magnet-cleaning before adding
the powdered flux?

2. I only use pieces
(with no solder)--no matter how tiny-- for remelts---no
filings. Always felt that magnet is not sufficient to
get out ALL bits of foreign metals (ie zinc) which may
have contaminated the filings. Does the magnet really
do the trick--that is, are most people's problems a
result of not forging rather than impurities?
/>3. Why 45 degrees?

Many thanks!
Posted by studioarete
(1763 days ago)
Yes, it takes a bit of effort. But it is also an
integral part of creation of jewellery. A lot about
goldsmithing is to show off properties of metal.
Forged ingot will have superior mechanical and
reflective properties. So in the end, everything is
balances out.
Posted by dalepavatte
(1763 days ago)
Thanks for the helpful video. I see that this is a
great deal of work.
Posted by stian
(1789 days ago)
ah, I understand. Thanks for the input ;)
Posted by studioarete
(1789 days ago)
Yes, there is. An cast ingot always has crystalline
structure which is varied depending position within the
ingot. It is due to solidification rates and
differences in temperature between metal and the mold.
Forging breaks these crystalline structures and if done
properly will result in relatively uniform structure
fragments. Upon annealing, these fragments will reform
into homogenous crystal structure, which can be rolled
and subsequently worked without cracking. Forging
creates tough, resilient alloy, perfectly suited for
Posted by stian
(1789 days ago)
very nice video!
is there a reason you forge the
ingot before rolling`?

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