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  Russian Filigree Demo
By: Victoria_Lansford ( 4)
Appeared in: Filigree 
Runtime: 2m 53s | Views: 35,962 | Comments: 13
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Overview of the construction of a Russian filigree pendant. Excerpt from the DVD, Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree. For more images, explanations of the technique, or information on ordering, please visit

Posted by bruno
(734 days ago)
Beautiful , thanks for sharing.
Posted by peggilaub
(1932 days ago)
Interesting ideas, gets the wheels turning. In my
jewelry I lean toward more delicate work, so this
technique will be very useful. Thanks.
Posted by platinumlake
(2281 days ago)
You make such beautiful pieces, thank you for sharing
your expertise with us:)
Posted by dancingrats
(2527 days ago)
Beautiful work. I really couldn't hear the audio.
Posted by Victoria_Lansford
(2643 days ago)
Skilman, I use sterling or 18k for the frames and fine
silver for the filler wires. Once formed into the
desired shape (and therefore work hardened), this style
of filigree is surprisingly strong.
Posted by EpiStrat210
(2718 days ago)
this is beautiful, thanks for loading it.
Posted by AndrosCreations
(2720 days ago)
Lovely,... I appreciate the time and effort that went
into this clip. Thanks for sharing. :D
Posted by skilman
(2747 days ago)
When I was speaking about fragility , I ment the fact
that the real filigree is made exclusively by using
fine silver , and this is very soft metal , as anyone
knows . But in some areas, the filigree is made by 925
or less, than silver plated with fine silver . Of
course , this is a matter of simply comercial way of
thinking , the art and quality being neglected . "When
money talks , even the ... stones walks" , as they say
... ;o)
Posted by Victoria_Lansford
(2771 days ago)
Sorry, didn't realize there were comments on here! />
To Kathy and Jewel115: Thanks!!!

Redsaturn20: Hard paste solder is a great color match
for soldering the frames. The filler wires need to be
soldered with the homemade "filigree solder" (recipe
and process on the full length DVD). Keeping solder
from flooding the filler wires helps ensure the color

To Skilman: My eyes aren't that
great. I swear that I do filigree be feel. As for the
fragility, that can be solved by the sizes of wire used
and by creating a sounder structure with more soldered
connections. Good craftsmanship has a lot to do with
it as well. Wires shouldn't be easily snagged and
pulled loose if they are properly soldered. Now
cloisone... wow, that's tedious! ... but exquisite.

Posted by skilman
(2779 days ago)
Filigree is very nice looking but so fragile....and it
is so much work and eyes fatigue...must be apreciate
right , the Cloisone enameling technique could not be
made without it ...
Posted by jewel115
(2867 days ago)
Exquisite detailed work, clear and concise. You make it
look easy, as the best always do!
Posted by Kathy
(2868 days ago)
nicely done
Posted by redsaturn20
(2872 days ago)
Does the paste solder have good color match?

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