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Gem Carving

Gem carving is a challenging art form. Read about its history as well as modern interpretations in both stand-alone pieces and jewelry.

Gem Cutting Machinery

Until fairly recently, gem cutting was one of the few areas of the world economy to remain uncontaminated by the computer revolution. All of that changed with the proliferation of personal computers in the 1980’s and 90’s Since that time, new…

Benefits of Concave Faceting

How does concave faceting create so much more brilliance than regular flat faceting? Imagine a typical flat, square mirror, Now push the top and bottom closer together so that the reflective side curves toward you. Than take the left and right…

The Modern Art Of Gemstone Carving

Engraved gemstones as jewelry or a symbolic interpretation of the world and society around us have a long tradition. Until today, the art of gemstone engraving can be seen in many different forms and variations such as deep-cut intaglios or…