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Metalsmith 1996 Exhibition

…a five year career as a surgical research assistant where I was involved in tedious surgeries on small arteries in search of a cure for arteriosclerotic disease. The sacrifice of…

Metalsmith ’94 Winter: Exhibition Reviews

…arbitrary. Bakker speaks of van Leersum’s constant search “for controllable form in relation to the organic field of the human body.” Her search was usually carried through all possible permutations…

Recent Sightings: Primitivism

…The fact that real pre-literate cultures do not resemble such fantasies does not seem to bother most Americans. In the search for authenticity, we construct a totally unauthentic model to…

A Journey to Burma’s Jade Mines

…jungles to follow the green line to its source, in search of jade-what the Chinese call the “stone of heaven.” Up until 200 years ago, jade meant nephrite, a tough,…

Observations on Innovation

Like many other metalsmiths, I am a time traveler. I am writing this on a computer, skipping over to the Internet to search the web as I go, while across…


…intent. Ganoksin is the most important single source for jewelry/metals information and searchable archived content on the web. A search on Goggle for ‘Ganoksin’ currently brings up over 400,000 web…

Samuel Yellin – Sketching in Iron

…that would sweep the nation into a new millennium. Theirs was a search for a true American style. While Samuel Yellin will ill be remembered for his masterful work in…

Identifying and Preventing Wax Defects

…and thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars are wasted in search of non-existent flaws in the casting process. I see it all the time. When company leaders call me to help…

The Ganoksin and Orchid Community Story

…Ganoksin is the most important single source for jewelry/metals information and searchable archived content on the web. A search on Goggle for ‘Ganoksin’ currently brings up over 400,000 web pages….

Metalsmith ’85 Winter: Exhibition Reviews

search for an esthetic alternative. Jewelry and Beyond exhibited several new approaches to the field. Thelma Coles, Inner Stability, copper, stainless steel, 15 x 21 x 21½” Most clearly seen…

Metalsmith 1994 Exhibition

…elements symbolic of our modern human queries and presumptions. In my search for jewelry forms to express these themes I have been exploring unconventional compositions and material combinations. The boxes…

Gem Data Tool Mockups

…on the right side of the cards as you add data fields to your search. Changes from last mockup: Added sorting menu in top right. Screen 3 of 4 –…

Goldmines, Goldrushes and Nugget Jewels

…the 19th century was in the Klondike region of Alaska and Canada. From the mid-19th century, pioneers had traveled north in search of gold and minor discoveries encouraged further searches….

The Form Beyond Function Exhibition

…Futurism, Minimalism—and the esthetic of nature—myth, psyche and the search for human forms and truths. The efficacy of Rowell’s approach resides in the attempt to reconcile the revolutionary concept of…

Opals: All the Colors of the Rainbow

…onwards, moves were made toward large-scale mining. The American Gold Rush in Klondike found its counterpart in the attraction of intrepid adventurers involved in a frantic search for opals in…

Afghanistan’s Ruby and Spinel Mines

…visited either of the two major deposits described. Thus the following has been assembled from historical sources, with much of the primary research on inclusions in Jagdalek stones coming from…

CAD/CAM Designer Tools

…latest version offers users the ability to customize their start screen. Other new features include an updated showcase search with design filters to simplify the search process, and an enhanced…

Mass Finishing of Gold Jewelry

…to consider when selecting the Mass Finishing technique that is the correct process fit for you. There is truly no best way to Mass Finish a specific product. The search