The AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting



The AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting: Techniques and Tips from Industry Experts
Winner, Silver Excel Award, Society of National Association Publications

From creating trouble-free master models to building uniform trees to proper techniques for investing, burnout, and breakout, this book will show you how to achieve smooth, porosity-free castings. Also included are guides to stone-in-place casting; casting over 500 grams of platinum on one tree; and casting nickel-free white golds.“Thank you for the best casting book on the market today! The AJM Guide to Lost-Wax Casting addresses every aspect of the casting process, with a comparison of methods and materials that points out the best techniques to use for the desired results. This book is now the standard text for our advanced class in casting it’s an invaluable tool.”

Shannon Calloway, Instructor
Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, Paris, Texas

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