Superior Oak Wooden bench

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Superior Oak Wooden Bench with Side Drawers (1197)

The Ultimate Jewellers bench. Weighing in at 91kg This Durston Superior Workbench has been crafted from solid premium Oak and is the perfect addition to a jeweller’s workshop. The heavy duty workbench accommodates six graduated drawers and a high railing surrounding the durable oak work top, preventing anything falling off.

This sturdy bench features a large centre tray, designed for you to easily catch and remove small material. Above is an additional work tray with a curved cut out area, enabling you to comfortably work up close to your jewellery pieces.

There is an extra centre drawer for your most used tools or findings and a centre mounted bench pin slot. To ensure you are always comfortable in the workshop, this bench also uniquely features a supportive footrest.

• Extra thick worktop
• High Railing around edges
• Pull out work surface
• 6 side drawers across 2 different sizes
• Central top drawer
• Large catch tray drawer lined with galvanised steel
• Solder tray
• Predrilled mandrels holes
• Bench peg
• Arm supports
• Unique Foot rest
• Multi transit packaging •

By: Durston Rolling Mills