IIDGR PhosView

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This compact self-contained screening device is designed to allow parcels of polished stones to be quickly analyzed to determine if they contain potential HPHT synthetics. PhosView cannot be used to screen for CVD synthetics simulants or any natural diamond treatments. If any potential HPHT synthetics are indicated built-in manipulator arms may be used to manually separate these from the remainder of the parcel. PhosView can accept colorless or near-colorless loose stones form the 0.003 carat (one third of a point or 0.9mm) to one carat. Some set jewelry pieces may also be tested. PhosView is simple to operate: melee are placed in a removable sample tray which is part of the PhosView sample drawer. A single button is pressed to start a special video mode which will indicate potential HPHT synthetics. If required one of the manipulator arms may be used to manually move these to a separate area of the sample tray while viewing them in real-time. If rings are being tested they may be placed on a conical mount in the sample drawer which is then closed. Rings may be rotated to check for any potential HPHT synthetics in real time. Other jewelry pieces may also be handled subject to their configuration and dimensions. Any stones which are indicated as potential HPHT synthetics should be submitted for further testing. Images may be saved for later use if required (requires a keyboard and mouse – not included. What is Included- – PhosView instrument – IEC mains supply lead (county specific) – Power supply – Quick start guide – Operating manual – Test stone (for use when learning how to operate the instrument) – one-year parts/service warranty

By: Stuller

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