Garbarino & Titonel Digital Four Beaker Plating Unit

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This apparatus is equipped with 2 tanks in pyrex glass of 1 liter capacity each with separate power supply. The degreasing tank has a fixed voltage of 7.5 volts 10 A max. the rhodium plating tank has voltage adjustable by potentiometer on the control panel from 0 to 5.0 volts 8.0 A (and 0 to 12 volt with voltage selector switch for use with the galvanic stylus) and electronic overload and short-circuit protection with automatic reset. The plant is provided with heating with temperature control located on the control panel and sensor immersed in the electrolytic bath for accurate temperature control. The machine also includes two adjustable terminal boards 0-5.0 volts 8.0 A and is complete with stainless steel anodes in the right-hand tank for degreasing and titanium mesh anodes in the left-hand tank for rhodium plating.

By: Stuller