7002 Rofin Laser Welder

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The new Performance redefines the manual laser welding with many application-driven innovations and numerous technical refinements in an entirely newly designed housing.
Rofin took a close look at how users were using their lasers and entirely redesigned the working chamber and access to it. The new hinged cover provides wide and completely free access to a spacious working area and can be operated with one hand whilst using the other hand to hold the workpiece.
– Entirely New Housing Design Ergonomic microscope and arm position. Slender foot area offers comfortable seating position. Flat surface for placing workpieces and tools.
– Revolutionary Working Chamber Design Easy barrier-free access through wide opening door. Single-handed opening other hand may stay in working position. Removable bottom plate for huge and bulky workpieces.
– Quality Engineering meets latest German industrial standards. “C driven control board and state of the art power supply. Exhaust system with HEPA and integrated spark filter.
– Easy Access and Maintenance Easy and fast exchange of flash lamp. Tool-free access to cooling water and exhaust filter. Exhaust system with filter diagnostics. Control board with easy diagnostics.
– SweetSpot¨ Patented resonator design. No first-pulse effect. Constant weld quality from the very first pulse. Assures a reliable welding process.
– MicroWeld Weld spots with less than 0.1 mm diameter. For extremely fine welds and delicate workpieces.
– TrueView ensures a 100 % hit-rate even when working out of focus. The laser beam is always aligned to the crosshair. No parallax misalignment.
– Strong and Reliable Powerful power supply for high repetition rates. Generously sized cooling unit.
– Large Color Touch Screen Brilliant 5.7- screen with high contrast. Entirely menu-driven operation via touch screen. Laser status indicator direct access to laser parameters. Comfortable graphic pulse-shape editor.
– Dynamic Foot Switch Offers sensitive control of an arbitrary laser parameter. Acts like a foot throttle and is easy to configure. Triggers start and end-ramp when using Pulse Ramping mode. Adjusts welding speed or power during welding.
– ECOmode Switches off system parts during idle times. Only 10 W power consumption vs. 200 W in standby mode. Fast restart within less than 1 sec at any time. Reduced costs due to less lamp wear.
– SPEEDmode Significant power increase within a certain timespan. Shorter process time through higher pulse frequencies. System reloading during welding intermissions for workpiece handling.
– BURST mode Fires laser pulses of a predefined number. Stops automatically when number of pulses is reached. Risk-free working with fast pulse sequences. Increased processing speed.
– Pulse Ramping Successively increases/decreases the power of first/last laser pulses. Ideally suited for closed seam welds and gas-tight housings. A good choice for starting a weld on highly reflective material. Reduced risk of piercing thin material. Pulse Shaping – Graphic shape editor for defining the pulse intensity over time. Precise control of coupling fusion and cooling phase. Preset pulse shapes for many materials. Perfect welds even of highly reflective metals and alloys.
– IPMmode Intelligent Pulse Management. Guarantees high pulse to pulse stability. Especially suited for micro welds. Optimized lamp operation due to sophisticated control.

By: Stuller

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