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2009 Barcelona School Enamel Exhibition

Nuria L. Ribalta and her students from Barcelona School had an exhibition of their enamel works in France from the middle of October to November 17. The 2009 Barcelona School…

Metalsmith ’87 Summer: Exhibition Reviews

This article showcases various exhibitions in the form of collected exhibition reviews published in the 1987 Summer issue of the Metalsmith Magazine. This features the American Craft Museum, Yurakucho Seibu…

Secret of Time

…with integrated watch. Created appr. 1870 in gold with enameling. Viewing at Antiquorum Time under a lid: ‘Pierced beauty’ by Guess For putting on or putting up: ‘T-Pendant’ by Tissot…

Fads and Fallacies: Melancholic Designs

…were set with small gemstones, or black or violet enameling was added to a gem-set ring owned by the deceased. Although the sentiment appears similar the intention seems to differ…

Larissa Podgoretz

I was introduced to enameling during a required Enamels course at the Bezalel Academy Jewelry Department. We were given an exercise in each of the techniques and simultaneously were taught…

Studio Visit – Nanopod Hybrid Studio

…to her convenience. Although small, Nanopod Hybrid Studio is fully equipped. “I am set up for almost all aspects of metalsmithing: enameling, hydraulic press, respousse, centrifugal casting, electroforming, plating/anodizing,…