Master Stone-Setting System

This comprehensive, well-built master stone-setting system includes 36 hardened steel punches (sizes 1.5mm to 20mm) and two smooth, comfortably shaped hardwood handles (one pear and one mushroom) with easy-to-use chuck collets.

Stone Setting with Blaine Lewis DVD Set

Blaine Lewis stone-setting DVDs demonstrates the art and techniques of setting stones with extreme magnification and 3D animation.

Jewelry Design DVD Set by Remy Rotenier

Learn how to create powerful jewelry design drawings, using free-hand sketching techniques with this master DVD set designed by expert jeweler, jewelry designer, artist and teacher Remy Rotenier.

Sunshine® Cloth

Made exclusively for Rio Grande, this cloth safely cleans, removes tarnish and polishes gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals, glass, mirrors, wood and more, leaving a deep, long-lasting luster.

BurLife Lubricant

BurLife® keeps cutting tools such as saw blades, files, burs sharp for smoother cuts and less friction and extending the life of your tools.

Foredom® K.2800 System with SR Motor

The Foredom® K.2800 system with SR motor is designed for performance and the extra power needed for continuous production use in all jewelry manufacturing operations.

Slide & Lock Height Adjustment Bracket

Designed by Rio Grande, this Slide & Lock™ height adjustment bracket works perfectly with the GRS BenchMate® and vise allowing you to adjust the tool position to your optimal working height.

Maple-Top Oak Extra-Wide 14-Drawer Workbench

Crafted especially for Rio by a furniture artisan since 1970 this oak bench with solid maple top is the ideal foundation for the professional jeweler.

Bonny Doon 20-Ton Electric Press

When it comes to quickly and accurately forming metal, hydraulic power is peerless-and there’s no better hydraulic equipment than a Bonny Doon press.

Beco Technic Delrin Die Set

Beco Technic set of 24 pieces Delrin dies with brass thread M6

Cotter Pin Assortment

Five pieces each in 36 different lengths: 4.5mm to 22.00mm in 0.5mm increments. All in 0.9mm diameter being the most commonly used.

Presidium Synthetic Diamond Screener

The Synthetic Diamond Screener was developed by Presidium to help screen out Type IIa colorless diamond which is likely to be synthetic and created through chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT) syntheses from the natural Type...

GemOro Testerossa Tester

This next-generation ultimate tester for diamond fraud protection features enhanced moissanite testing technology for low conductivity stone identification. This innovative Gemoro tester has the sleekest ergonomic shape available that comfortably rests in and on your hand when held. It has...

Magic Boric Acid Powder 16oz.

High-grade superfine boric acid powder. Use as high-grade flux and deoxidizing agent. Can also be mixed with denatured alcohol to make soldering flux.

Thermoshield 1lb. Thermo Shield Heat Blocker Jar

The new revolutionary environmentally safe protective barrier for retarding the transfer of heat. This product will adhere to vertical non-absorbent surfaces as well as to stones. You will no longer have to remove the stone. Dab the Thermo Shield on...

Orion 150S Welder

The most versatile and complete welding solution for the master jeweler. Designed with jewelers in mind the Orion Pulse 150i has all the critical features necessary to design create and repair jewelry watches eyeglasses and more. The most advanced micro...

Orion Pulse 200i Welder

The Orion 200i_ (patent pending) is an evolution in micro pulse arc welding. Built on the stability of the Orion platform the Orion 200i_ takes that next leap forward by delivering the most innovative and versatile welder on the market...

Adjustable Saw Frame, 3″ Deep (German)

For use with piercing flat and spiral saw blades. Serrated clamps hold blades firmly. Strongly constructed with flat steel frames hardwood handles and thumbscrew locking devices. Most common depth is 2 1/4″ (57mm). Others are used when greater cutting depth...