Durston Precision Ring Sizing System

This Durston quality ring sizing system is an ideal fit for your showroom. The finger gauges have comfort styling and the set include sizes 1-16 in half-size increments plus quarter-size increments for sizes 4-12. Polished steel ring gauges are closely...

Precision 7″ Guillotine Shear

All-steel construction, mounts to any work surface

Fretz® Hammers

Created especially for jewelers by expert metalsmith and tool designer Bill Fretz, the Fretz® line of tools is precisely designed for excellent ergonomics, maximum durability and impeccable results

NSK EMax EVOlution Micro-Motor

With highly efficient material removal, dual motor capabilities and compact portability, this micro-motor from NSK packs a powerful punch for your cutting, grinding and shaping tasks–wherever they may be.

Thompson Enamel BEK-1X Kit

Thompson lead-free enamels are quality-made to deliver dependable, repeatable results.

JoolTool™ Sharpening and Polishing System

The innovative JoolTool™ X sharpening and polishing system is ideal for fine jewelry, woodworking and more. Unlike most sharpening and polishing systems, you can work from the underside of your workpiece, and have a clear view the entire time, due...

3M Radial Bristle Disc Kit

Achieve superior finishing results with 3M radial bristle discs. Use them for heavy cleaning, removing firescale and light oxidation, pre-polishing, semi-finishing, blending, texturing and final polishing.

RinGenie™ Ring Setting Kit

An ingenious tool created by designers and stone-setters specifically FOR designers and stone-setters, the RinGenie™ enhances precision and speed while saving time and money.

Wolf Wax Carving Tools

Created specially for wax carvers by Kate Wolf, renowned wax-carving instructor, these “wicked sharp” wax tools offer profiles to handle every wax-carving task. Precision-crafted wax carvers are shaped, sharp and ready to use and can be further customized to meet...

Beading Tool Set

This Swiss made comprehensive beading tool set includes 100 hardened steel beading tools in a wide range of sizes, a steel beading block with 40 holes (four each of 10 sizes), a mushroom style tool handle, and a solid wood...

Glardon Vallorbe Ceramic Fiber Files

Achieve smooth, uniform finishes on workpieces up to 57HRC with Glardon Vallorbe ceramic fiber files.

Busch® Tungsten Vanadium Stone-Setting Burs

Busch® stone-setting burs are used to cut level seats in prongs for setting gemstones. Sizes are calibrated to fit standard brilliant-cut round gemstones.

LYNX by Hager & Meisinger Cup Bur Set

LYNX burs by Hager & Meisinger are manufacturered with the closest tolerances and maintain those tolerances over time.

Friedrich Dick German Cut Files

The right file for the right job

Durston 130mm Electric Rolling Mill

Durston rolling mills are recognized for reliability, robust construction and high quality for strength and accuracy you can depend on.

Jason’s Works Auto Coin Ring Starter Kit

This starter kit delivers everything you need to start creating coin rings using the tools specially designed by Jason’s Works to streamline the process.

Swanstrom Pliers Set

Swanstrom pliers and cutters represent the pinnacle of excellence in tool manufacturing. Forged and machine-hardened with ergonomically designed, Soft-Touch™ handles make Swanstrom the most durable ergonomic pliers and cutters you can buy.

Swanstrom Round Disc Cutter

Manufactured exclusively for Rio Grande in the USA by Swanstrom, this high-quality disc cutter set features tools made of hardened and tempered, shock-resistant tool steel with precision-ground surfaces.

Jeweler’s LED Task Lamp with USB Port

This jeweler’s LED task lamp provides full illumination across your bench or work surface. Includes a built-in rheostat, allowing you to adjust the light’s brightness and a handy USB port, convenient for charging any USB-compatible accessory.

Rio Grande Jeweler’s Workbench

Jewelers love Rio workbenches for their sturdy durability and craftsmanship in every detail