Charles & Colvard® Forever One® Moissanite 6.5mm Round Faceted Stone, D-F Grade

This round Forever One® created moissanite, by Charles & Colvard®, features pristine facets and a brilliant white color; an ideal choice for a variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Use a single stone for a simple ring, bracelet or necklace, or...

Copper Patterned 6″ x 12″ Sheet, Houndstooth, 24-Ga., Dead Soft

Ideal for enameling as well as metal-formed designs, this patterned sheet offers a wider variety of design options

14/20 Gold-Filled Square Wire, 20ga

Half-Hard GF SQ wire is ideal for wire wrapping

Argentium Gallery Wire

This intricate Argentium™ Silver gallery wire pattern is manufactured by Rio Grande. Gallery wire is ideal for creating custom bezels and for adding decorative elements to a wide variety of jewelry designs.

14K Pink casting grain

14K Pink Casting Grain – made with recycled gold

Sterling Silver Sheet, 6″, 20ga

Sterling Silver Sheet – made with recycled silver

American Mined

Gemstones that were mined in the USA

Wood Displays

Nothing makes metals and gemstones pop quite like the contrasting texture of distressed wood

Burlap Displays

Burlap Displays Offer Endless Options

Linen Displays

Make precious metals and sparkling gemstones pop with the contrasting color and natural texture of our linen displays

Matte Brown Wood Boxes

High-quality, matte-finish boxes feature brass spring hinges and a light mocha faux suede insert. Felt-covered bottom prevents scratching.

Jewelry Cards

Select from a wide variety of jewelry cards

White Suspension 3D Gift or Display Boxes

This two-part box opens at the center, allowing you to place almost any jewelry item inside. The clear, flexible plastic sheeting “window” (2-7/8″ x 2-7/8″) accommodates rings, pendants, charms and more

Black and White Displays

Shop from our selection of white or black displays and call attention to your jewelry

Anti-Tarnish Supplies

Avoid Tarnish and Corrosion

Plastic Gel-Coated Faceted Stone Gem Box

The inside surface of the clear lid is coated with a silicon-based gel that immobilizes stones; the flat table of faceted gemstones adheres securely to the gel without causing harm or leaving any residue on the stone.


Have you company logo hot foil stamped onto packaging items

Paradiso Displays

Paradiso Displays. These displays features a padded surface. Echo™ faux leather features a signature crosshatch texture with a shimmering quality and a strong, resilient feel.

Cotton-Filled Boxes

Paper Covered Boxes

Knew Concepts Jeweler’s Saw

Knew Concepts saw frames are light and rigid, providing precise control, reduced blade breakage and very little flex.