Basic Smith® Little Torch™ All-Fuels System with Five Tips

The Smith Little Torch™ is the versatile torch countless jewelers turn to when they need to accomplish a variety of tasks. Using a variety of tips, it’s capable of producing a flame the size of a pin head or one...

Hydrogen Torch System, Single Torch

Soldering with power generated by this hydrogen torch system is a terrific alternative to using pressurized fuel and oxygen tanks in your shop! This state-of-the-art system, designed to meet a full range of jewelers’ needs, is extremely safe and easy...

Rio Large Programmable Oven

This production-sized oven features simple, digital programming. These production-sized ovens feature simple, digital programming, sturdy stainless steel oven cabinets and interior firebrick construction with exposed side-wall elements to ensure efficient, even heating and fast, effective burnouts.

Midas Six-Station System for Kliar E-Coatings

Applying Kliar e-coating is like a typical plating process. Attach your power leads to any conductive metal, substituting the Kliar color e-coating in the step where you would typically use a metallic plating solution. Follow the same steps you would...

Midas 5-Amp Starter Plating System

This Midas® system contains basic equipment and preparatory solutions. You add precious metal solutions and anodes to tailor the kit to your needs

Matt™ Blue Wax Slice Assortment

Regarded by many wax designers as the best carving wax available anywhere, Matt™ waxes are formulated to the demanding specifications of professional wax carvers. Pre-milled and trued to minimize preparation time, each is specially formulated to meet a variety of...

Wax Carving Starter System

You can begin carving waxes right out of the box with this starter kit. An instruction book offers expert lessons in creating wax models; an assortment of waxes, tools and templates helps you successfully produce your designs with professional results.

Midas Liver of Sulfur XL Gel

Use Midas® XL Gel to patina metals such as sterling silver, copper and bronze. It is formulated for extended shelf life, versatility and convenience. Midas XL Gel may be used in its ready form or by mixing 1 teaspoon of...

Rio Grande Cast-In-One™ High-Temp Casting Machine

ast high-temperature metals-such as platinum and stainless steel-as well as gold, silver and most base metals in the Rio Grande Cast-In-One™ high-temp induction casting machine. With innovation and forward thinking, this water-cooled machine requires no crucibles, no flask rings and,...

Picasso Blue Platinum Polishing Compound

Picasso Blue is ideal for platinum. Depending on the finish you want, this compound can be used on either platinum or gold. Cleans quickly in an ultrasonic.

Midas 5-Amp Electroforming Kit

This kit includes the equipment and supplies you need to start electroforming and enjoy great results!

E3 Duo™ Electroforming & Etching Master Kit by Sherri Haab

The E3 Duo™ controller included with the kit contains a built-in microprocessor configured with two programs-one specifically for electroforming and the other for electrical etching. Simply set the controller switch to “EForm” or “Etch” and start your project. The controller...

Rio Model 1000 Enameling Kiln

The Rio 1000 enameling kiln features three pre-set firing temperatures for enamels and six that you can define. Use the exclusive Rio controller to set and maintain firing temperatures. Perfect for all types of enameling, including tall pieces. Includes ample...

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Renaissance™ Lab-Created Diamond 4mm Round, VS, Pkg/2

The Renaissance™ lab-created diamond features a clarity grade of VS and a color grade within the D?F range. The brilliant cut, bright white color and high reflectivity make the gemstone ideal for classic or contemporary designs. Lab-created diamonds are chemically,...

Diamond .10-Ct. Round, VS

The natural white color and round brilliant cut make this diamond an ideal choice for vintage or modern high-end jewelry designs.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 5 x 10mm Drop Pendant

This exquisite Sleeping Beauty turquoise drop pendant bead is vertically half-drilled and features a smooth, pure blue color with no visible matrix. Ideal for high-end earrings and pendants, this bead looks great when used alone to draw attention to the...

Freshwater Cultured 6 – 6.5mm Semi-Round Pearl, White, A-Grade

The A-grade white freshwater cultured semi-round pearls on this strand feature a smooth finish and nearly blemish-free luster. Perfect for high-end jewelry designs made with silver, palladium or gold findings, this pearl is a great choice for earrings, bracelets and...

Black Agate 14mm Round Ladybug Cameo

This round cameo features a ladybug design ultrasonically carved into high-quality black agate. The two-layer construction of the cameo allows the carver to highlight its design details with subtle gradations of color.

CZ 3mm Round Machine-Cut Faceted Stone

Machine cut in Switzerland, this round CZ features a bright-white flash and light-catching facets, making it an ideal choice for one-of-a-kind designs.