We are a progressive Green Diamond company.


What the heck does that mean?

We are global diamond merchants purchasing and processing vast quantities of diamonds and gold from the Jewelry Trade, Pawn Shops and the Public across the USA.

Why are we special?

We are not a diamond and metal “Flippers” When we buy, we refine and recycle gold alloys for use back in our production thus creating a new closed loop raw material ecosystem.  Our diamonds are expertly audited and selected for resurfacing with varieties from as small as 0.8mm to 8 carats in all shapes.  Each diamond , even the “itty bity” ones are assessed and then recut and resurfaced to super premium finishes and proportions.  Our standard mix is generally D-I in color and VVS to SI2 in clarity. Each variety expertly matched for an amazing assortment EVERY TIME!


Can you Help me become a Jewelry Maker?

Well, Yes.  We sell in and out of the trade so you do not need a JBT number, Tax id or even be a business yet- We sell wholesale style perfectly picked small lots on ets. at


This is perfect for people just starting out or learning and want to use the real McCoy!  If you are in the trade you can call our offices and create an account. and we price very agressively for our products and the quality in grading and cutting.