Bec de Podolinsky is a Jeweller and teacher based in Kyneton, Central Victoria. She teaches people to design and make beautiful pieces of jewellery in her jewellery making course. She also guide couples through the process of making their own wedding rings. These workshops are super fun and interactive. You’ll have a great experience and take home a piece of jewellery you will be proud to say you made.

Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist or an up-and-coming jeweller, you’ll learn at your own pace. Jewellery design classes, silversmithing courses, jewellery making classes and wedding ring making workshops are available all-year-round. Online workshops coming soon.

She also imports and sells quality jewellery making tools. These tools are also available as jewellery making tool kits, which takes the hard work out of deciding what tools you do and don’t need.

If you don’t have time to learn to make your own jewellery, check out my range of jewellery featuring pre-decimal coins and personalised hand-stamped jewellery.