Mantrapiece is a company that sells Buddhist artisan-made jewelry from around the world. And not just any random kinds of jewelry, but truly rare, authentic and meaningful pieces that devoted Buddhist practitioners put great amounts of love and passion into, while making.

Browse our extensive collection of some of the rarest jewelry pieces in the world. From Tibetan Malas and Wrist Malas, Nepali Jewelry, Himalayan Japa Malas, Buddha Pendants, Mantra Bracelets, Wholesale Buddha Jewelry and much much more.

Popular Jewelry Collections:

Buddha Pendants – The pendants in this collection are all designed after the Buddha, his loyal disciples and other famous Buddhist deities such as Guanyin.

Mantra Bracelets – This collection consists of silver and titanium bracelets and cuff bracelets that have been engraved with sacred Buddhist mantras, in the Tibetan script, Nepali script and Siddham script.

Lockets  – This collection contains lockets made of 925 sterling silver, which are designed after various aspects of Buddhism and engraved with sacred Buddhist mantras, in the Tibetan script, Nepali script and Siddham script.

Earrings  – In this collection we have earrings that are made of 925 sterling silver, which are either engraved with popular Buddhist symbols or mantras.

Chain Necklaces – The chain necklaces of this collection are made of 999 silver, 990 silver or 925 sterling silver, and designed to hold heavier pendants. So, they are quite durable.

Wholesale Buddha Jewelry – The name says it all. In this collection, we carry inexpensive Buddha jewelry ranging from pendants to bracelets. Still they are made of various grades of silver and titanium. But are mass-produced to support small shops and startups.

Nepali Jewelry – The jewelry in this collection is made of the purest form of 925 sterling silver. And made with the artistic excellence of Nepali craft

Tibetan Malas and Wrist Malas – These malas and wrist malas are made with bodhi seed, gemstones and dzi beads (agate stone). And sources directly from Tibet.

Pendant Collections:

Silver Pendants – These pendants are made with 999 silver, 925 sterling silver and are either laboriously handcrafted or laser engraved.

Jade Pendants – These pendants are mostly made of nephrite jade.

Tungsten Steel Pendants – These pendants are beautifully machine-made and engraved with laser technology.

Malas Collections:

Himalayan Japa Malas  – We’ve taken it upon ourselves to support some of the women of the Himalayas in India who live below the poverty lines, and help them to earn a better wage and livelihood. These are the works of their dedication – Malas and wrist malas made with Himalayan gemstones.

Bodhi Root Malas – The bodhi root mala collection consists of rare to common bodhi root beads, strung on durable string, which our customers find to be the perfect malas for their daily meditation and yoga practices.

Rudraksha Malas – Throughout Asia, rudraksha has played a significant role in the jewelry industry. They have been used as a form of jewelry that promotes peace, protection, health, wealth and and even romance.

Star Moon Bodhi Seed Malas – Some would argue that seeds aren’t really of the jewelry world. But, these seeds, when aged to a certain degree, and sourced from certain regions, are far more expensive than even gold.

Impermanence Malas – It’s not every day that you find jewelry pieces made of animal bone and fashioned into skulls. These malas also represent a significant concept of reality and our mortality. They simply help to shine the light on what is absolutely true about our existence as human beings – all things are subject to decay and destruction. This is a concept that can easily be quite devastating, but it can also be the most liberating.

Wrist Mala Collections:

Agarwood Wrist Malas – Agarwood is famed for the astounding aroma that it produces. And due to its popularity over the course of hundreds of years, it has become extremely rare. Today, Agarwood is said to be more expensive than gold. We’ve taken this truth to another level, by making agarwood wrist malas.

Sandalwood Wrist Malas – Sandalwood is another of such aromatic woods that has been used for hundreds of years in the making of furniture, incents and even jewelry. The aroma of sandalwood is said to aid in meditation practice, by allowing deep relaxation and awareness. Which is a vital aspect of successful meditation.

Bodhi Seed Wrist Malas

Bodhi Root Wrist Malas

Rudraksha Wrist Malas

Star Moon Bodhi Seed Wrist Malas

Impermanence Wrist Malas

Wholesale Buddha Jewelry

Wholesale Buddha Jewelry – At Mantrapiece we offer the very best of Wholesale Buddha Jewelry at the cheapest prices available. Our wholesale Buddha jewelry come factory direct, so you can count on engaging and competitive prices that guarantee you an easy return on investment. And of course, your customers will be very happy.

At the moment, our hot collection of Wholesale Buddha Jewelry consists of Wholesale Buddha Pendants and Charms and Wholesale Buddha Bracelets. These Buddha pendants and bracelets come in some of the most profound of designs. Some are designed after the historical Buddha, his disciples, Buddhist deities, and are even engraved with sacred mantras in the Tibetan, Siddham and Nepali scripts.

Our Wholesale Buddha Jewelry products are made of high-grade stainless steel and vintage brass. They won’t tarnish, wear or tear. And your customers will be very satisfied with their purchases even ten years down the line.