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G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

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Natural gas is an excellent torch fuel for brazing, soldering, casting and annealing when you can get the right service pressure 5 psi for bench torches and 10+ psi for casting.  If the natural gas utility can’t/won’t boost your service pressure a G-TEC Torch Booster will do the job!

With high pressure natural gas is even hot enough to cast platinum!

Torch Boosters connect to a standard utility gas pipe and raise pressure as gas is used at the torch, there are no storage cylinders and the system is ready for service as soon as it is turned on. Eliminate gas cylinders and never run out of gas!

Torch Boosters are welcomed in all buildings in North America, including places where cylinders of acetylene and propane are prohibited. Torch Boosters are also permitted in your home studio!

G-TEC systems are quiet, compact and easy to use. They can be installed right next to your bench and do not require ventilation or other special site preparation. Turn the Booster on when you start to work and off when you are done – it automatically adjusts when your torch is on or off and whether you set a robust or softer flame.

  • Natural gas is cleaner than acetylene or propane so there is no carbon buildup on your torch.
  • Natural gas is 50% less expensive than acetylene and propane for equal heat.
  • The flame is not as bright so there is less strain on your eyes.
  • Many jewelers say it is more forgiving than other fuel gases.
  • High pressure allows jewelers to use OSHA required flashback arrestors for workplace safety
  • Eliminate dangerous gas cylinders from your studio/workshop
  • Never run out of fuel gas!

There are 6 Torch Booster models which range in size from the TB-15, which is right for up to 2 bench torches to the TB-500, which can fuel 75 bench torches.

For more information contact Ed Howard – 716-831-96956 /