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Carrera Casting

64 West 48th Street, New York, NY, United States

About Us

Just encase you haven’t heard of us… Rooted in the same building since 1975, Carrera Casting is one of the most accomplished jewelry casters in the world with over 40 different alloys to cast from. For the last four decades our customers and employees have promoted our growth, in addition to establishing our reputation for always producing high quality castings. We have been, and always will be a “contract jewelry caster”. That means, the styles that we cast are the exclusive property of our customers, and that we have no line of our own. Whether it is your jewelry CAD File, Wax Model or Rubber Mold we certify that those are your property.

To maintain our leadership role in the industry, we keep our facility modernized with the latest in Casting and 3D Technology. Partnering with mega stars like Solidscape and Etsy helped bridge our network from old industry standards to the young leaders in our community today. Schools from all over the tristate area, such as FIT and GIA, frequently tour our mid-town facility. With our state of the art manufacturing capabilities and award winning CAD department we are able to produce customized products that meet our customer’s specific needs.

It is this combination of experience, passion and integrity that has made Carrera one of the premium contract jewelry casters in America.