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Ganoksin's rich collection of free online-articles, technical papers, reports, and news on virtually every aspect of the gem and jewelry industry.

Creating a Cultured Baroque Pearl Necklace with Gold Design Elements - By Mark B. Mann

This story details manufacturing and assembly steps for a cultured baroque pearl necklace with yellow gold design elements. pearl necklace. The featured necklace combines cultured white baroque pearls with cultured naturally colored freshwater baroque pearls and 14-karat yellow gold links. White...

Tags: | Fabrication |

ad Craft In Ron Litolff´s Ring - By John Shanahan

To create a new ring to showcase the beauty of a customer´s sentimental diamonds, Knoxville, Tennesseebased jeweler Ron Litolff of Gemstone Designs blended old-world craftsmanship with 21st-century technology. Hand-engraved finish work augments the precise beauty of CAD design in this two-tone...

Tags: | CAD/CAM | Behind The Design |

Brief Notes on Presto-LiteTorch - By Two Suns Trading Co. Inc.

We use a method for cutting down firescale when using a Presto-Lite Torch along with an acetylene B tank. The torch tips are engineered to take in so much gas through the gas orifice and so much air through the air inlet ventura so they burn to their max....

Tags: | Tools |

Book Review - Beginner's Guide to Enamelling - By Woodrow W. Carpenter

The book is based on a workshop for beginners given by the author some years ago called 'The Second Coat'. The publisher limited the book to 64 pages and wanted step-by-step projects. Since the book is about enameling and not metal working, the publisher also insisted on projects with pre-cut or...

Tags: | Book reviews |

Tool Modifications for Welding Technology - Part 2 - By Mark B. Mann

Custom jewelry projects for tack-, fusion-, and pulse-arc-welding sometimes call for special welding tool lead attachments. Bench jewelers often make the required leads using standard bench tools to better hold parts for pre-assembly and welding. Here are a few tack-, fusion-, and pulse-arc-welding...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding | Homemade Tools |


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Join the most popular online community for jewelers, The Orchid forumsOrchid is dedicated to the exchange of substantive technical content, covering the full range of information requirements. With list members from all over the world, speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, this lively forum addresses questions about every aspect of jewelry making today.

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Join the most popular online community for jewelers, The Orchid forumsBlogging for jewelers and metalsmiths made easy! (and for those interested in jewelry and gemstones)

We're passionate about empowering jewelers, metalsmiths and lapidary artists, and we hope it shows! To that end, we've combined the relaxed atmosphere of the Orchid forums with easy-to-use blog tools to give our members the opportunity to be heard and seen. Orchid members can have an online presence within minutes of joining, and have access to resources that come from being part of a community of our size. We think you'll enjoy the difference! And the best part is….it’s absolutely FREE!

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Art and Jewelry GalleriesThe Gallery section features a collection of representative works in a variety of media including graphic arts, photography, jewelry and ornamentation, and contemporary artwork by various artists.



A project from the Orchid community of jewelry enthusiasts and professionals. We've tried to capture our benches in the midst of everyday turmoil....

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The BenchTube - Jewelry Making Videos

Jewelry Making Video download archiveGanoksin now offers a video peek into the virtual world. Suppliers, refiners, jewelers, and educators will contribute incredible demonstrations on topics including casting, alloying, bench tricks, and more. You can contribute as well. Register for a free acount and start sharing your jewelry related videos today!


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MetalCalcUnit Conversions:

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The Gem and Jewelry Trade Directory Guide

MetalCalcA comprehensive trade directory entirely devoted to online resources for the gem, jewelry and metals industry. Each suggested entry is reviewed by knowledgeable editors insuring the quality and accuracy of websites included in the Guide.

Help others make informed buying decisions with the resources listed . We welcome your opinions and experiences with ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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