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Ganoksin's rich collection of free online-articles, technical papers, reports, and news on virtually every aspect of the gem and jewelry industry.

Lets Talk Gemstones - Zircon Group - A Nesosilicate - By Edna B. Anthony

Lets Talk Gemstones - Zircon is the single member of the zircon group of the nesosilicates that is suitable for use as a gemstone. In the nesosilicates, independent SiO4 tetrahedra are connected only by ionic bonds. Because the tetrahedra are not linked to form chains....

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Product: Foredoms Redesigned Series SR Flexible Shaft - By Mark B. Mann

Foredom has redesigned the popular Series SR Flexible Shaft motor. It has more power/torque and is rated at 1/6 HP versus 1/8 HP of the former series SR and S. It also has 33% more power over the variable speed range from start up to full speed.... ...

Tags: | Small Tools |

Modifying CAD design for Optimal Manufacturing - By Tina Wojtkielo

What do you do when you realize your virtual inventory is virtually impossible to manufacture? With so many jewelry designers turning to CAD to realize their visions, such predicaments are becoming more and more common. Those thin edges, tight settings, and tiny details look great when magnified on...

Tags: | Jewelry Mass Production | CAD/CAM | Jewelry Design |

Japanese Patinas - Special Patinas - By Eitoku Sugimori

The rich history of Japanese patinas is the result of hundreds of years of experimentation, innovation and tradition. This article covers some special Japanese Patinas; Wara-ibushi, Nuri-iro, Iroe-do, Ryuka (Sulfuration and Concentrate), Furubi, Kin-Furubi and alternative Furubi formulas....

Tags: | Japanese Patinas |

Rock-Solid Bonds - Ring by Cynthia Renée Zava - By Tina Wojtkielo

With textures that echo the Patagonian mountains of Chile, the Torres del Paine Ring by Cynthia Rene Zava of Cynthia Rene Inc. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, tells the tale of one family´s moving experiences on a trip to Chile. Zava tells the story of her longtime client, Mary, whose father...

Tags: | Behind The Design |


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Join the most popular online community for jewelers, The Orchid forumsOrchid is dedicated to the exchange of substantive technical content, covering the full range of information requirements. With list members from all over the world, speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, this lively forum addresses questions about every aspect of jewelry making today.

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Join the most popular online community for jewelers, The Orchid forumsBlogging for jewelers and metalsmiths made easy! (and for those interested in jewelry and gemstones)

We're passionate about empowering jewelers, metalsmiths and lapidary artists, and we hope it shows! To that end, we've combined the relaxed atmosphere of the Orchid forums with easy-to-use blog tools to give our members the opportunity to be heard and seen. Orchid members can have an online presence within minutes of joining, and have access to resources that come from being part of a community of our size. We think you'll enjoy the difference! And the best part is….it’s absolutely FREE!

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Art and Jewelry GalleriesThe Gallery section features a collection of representative works in a variety of media including graphic arts, photography, jewelry and ornamentation, and contemporary artwork by various artists.



A project from the Orchid community of jewelry enthusiasts and professionals. We've tried to capture our benches in the midst of everyday turmoil....

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The BenchTube - Jewelry Making Videos

Jewelry Making Video download archiveGanoksin now offers a video peek into the virtual world. Suppliers, refiners, jewelers, and educators will contribute incredible demonstrations on topics including casting, alloying, bench tricks, and more. You can contribute as well. Register for a free acount and start sharing your jewelry related videos today!


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MetalCalcUnit Conversions:

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The Gem and Jewelry Trade Directory Guide

MetalCalcA comprehensive trade directory entirely devoted to online resources for the gem, jewelry and metals industry. Each suggested entry is reviewed by knowledgeable editors insuring the quality and accuracy of websites included in the Guide.

Help others make informed buying decisions with the resources listed . We welcome your opinions and experiences with ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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