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Adding Color to Titanium with a Torch - By Holly Gage

Adding or changing the color on your sculpture Titanium can breathe new life or change the character of a piece. It is also lots of fun to see the color develop and change in front of your very eyes! The color on the surface of our titanium has a permanent oxide layer that can only be removed with...

Tags: | Metals |

Fitting the Mold - Comparing natural rubber and silicone - By Suzanne Wade

Natural rubber or silicone rubber? In the world of lost wax casting, this question is hardly an academic one. The mold material chosen must be up to the task of turning a single original model into hundreds or even thousands of wax models for casting, and choosing the wrong material can lead to some...

Tags: | Jewelry Mass Production | Mold Making |

Minerals, Crystals and Their Systems. - By Charles Lewton-Brain

A Mineral may be defined as a homogenous substance produced by the processes of inorganic nature having a chemical composition and physical properties which are constant within narrow limits. Its structure is crystalline. It is composed of the same substance throughout. Except for impurities it has...

Tags: | Gemology |

New Finishing Systems Offer Efficiency Advantages - By Mark B. Mann

Pre-finishing, finishing, polishing and re-finishing have all been tasks usually done with a flexible shaft at the bench and/or a motor away from the bench. This article features methods and procedures used for a variety of these projects - all done at the bench with bench top equipment and flexible...

Tags: | Polishing |

Project - Box Clasp Fabrication - By Alan Revere

One of the most important types of closures used in jewelry is the box clasp. This clasp and its many variations are usually built into jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and chains. However, as an exercise, this project demonstrates the fabrication of a sample clasp as an independent unit..... ...

Tags: | Hinges & Catches |

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