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What Happens To Pearl Oysters When The World Gets Warmer? - By Suzanne Wade

Warming waters, changes in weather patterns, and increases in storm activity may all affect the future success of pearl farms, both freshwater and ocean-based. Precisely what impact they will have is a little harder to determine: Relatively little research has been done into oyster husbandry....

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Electroforming Step-by-Step - By Jaime Frechette

Electroforming is the process of controlling the metal deposit from an anode metal, through electrolyte solution, onto an electroconductive surface. Basically, a skin of metal is built up into a rigid structure. The materials you will need to get started are as follows....

Tags: | Plating & Electroforming |

Morro Redondo Tourmaline - By Mark Liccini

This is a report on the largest occurrence of Tourmaline in the history of Brazil gem mining; the Morro Redound Tourmaline of the State of Minas Gerias Brazil. The material was first discovered in 1992 near the village of Morro Redondo, in the northeast of Minas Gerias....

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Considerations in Photographing Various Media - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Three - dimensional objects will be well served by the methods described before, such as overhead diffuse lighting, fill card and mirror use. For flat things (like prints) use copy set - ups which primarily consist of extremely even light on the object and the camera centered properly on the work....

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1 - Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing - Table of Contents - By George W. Fischer

This book is the culmination of some twenty-five years of personally supported research on the use of inorganic chemicals to induce color and inclusions in gemstone. Prior attempts to use dyes for gemstone colorations had proved very disappointing. The fact that native color in gemstone is derived...

Tags: | Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing |

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