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Fork Lifting - By Anne Barros

The fork that lays to the left of the dinner plate has a rich past, not often enough considered when twirling spaghetti around its tines. Functionally it fills the need to spear and pick up food. Its antecedents were probably the stick and skewer used for cooking over an open fire. Successive ages...

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950 Palladium: Emerging White Metal of Choice - By Mark B. Mann

Of late, an increasing number of white precious metal alloys have been introduced into the jewelry marketplace in answer to industry cries for a true white counterpart to the ever popular yellow gold. The search has been on for a workable white alloy that stays white, is hypoallergenic and priced...

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Matter into Metaphor - Transformation in Asian and Western Metals - By Celia Rabinovitch

The origins of metallurgy are shrouded in mystery, contributing to the mythology that dev eloped around the metalsmith's art. With some variations this tradition existed in ancient China , Africa , and Europe but stemmed from roots so archaic as to arise from a basic principle....

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Olivine: Peridot - By Sondra Francis

Cleopatra was reported to have a fine collection of emerald jewelry, but rumor has it that it was really peridot. We hope she won't be too disappointed. Peridot was mined on an island in the Red Sea called Zebirget or St. John's Island, thousands of years ago. These peridot are a magnificent green...

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Fit to be Sized - By Bradney W. Simon

Before sizing any ring, examine it carefully and compare it to the information on the job envelope. If you see any damage or potential problems that are not marked clearly on the envelope, inform the store manager or sales clerk who took in the job so that they can notify the customer. It is...

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