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New Warrior Power Tool System - By Mark B. Mann

New patented Warrior Power Tool System kit provides a revolutionary proficiency advantage for bench jewelers and jewelry manufacturers for split-lap abrasive pre-finishing, finishing and polishing....

Tags: | Shop Machines | Polishing |

Sealing Cracks in Gemstones - By Gary Dawson

An old lapidary taught me an excellent trick for sealing cracks in gemstones. Some gems are inherently unstable. If a client of mine wants one of these gems for inlay, or to be cut or set, I will often use this technique - with full disclosure, of course - to make the stone suitable for use in these...

Tags: | Gemstone Treatments |

Fortune, Gods, & Gems - Gems and Jewelry Role in India's Culture - By Kamala Thiagarajan

From early history through modern times, gemstones and jewelry have played a vital role in India's culture. Forget diamonds. An Indian woman's best friend is most likely to be her ruby ring, or the string of pearls her mother gave her for her tenth birthday, or perhaps the giant garnet earrings that...

Tags: | Features |

Dusts in the Jewelry Workshop - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Dust is small particles of a material. There are dusts you can see in the air; these can be breathed in, and because the particles are fairly large, they end up in the upper portions of the lungs. Some can be cleared from the body by its natural mucus where it is bound up, and brought up into the...

Tags: | Health Hazard |

States of Being: The Jewelry of Reiko Ishiyama - By Patricia Harris and David Lyon

The delicious paradox of quantum physics is that matter exists simultaneously as particle and as wave. Much of Reiko Ishiyama's recent jewelry shares that strange condition, appearing concurrently as both object and gesture, point and vector....

Tags: | Behind The Design |

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