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Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork - By Steven Abbott

A cool application to create a computer generated Celtic Knots ...

Tags: | Jewelry Design | CAD/CAM |

Manufacturing and Hand Engraving 950 Palladium Signet Ring - By Mark B. Mann

The natural beauty of this white, bright and light palladium ring is enhanced with hand engraving of initials done in relief. 950 palladium manufacturing methods and techniques covered in this project are: ...

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication | Engraving |

Foredom's New Platinum Finishing Products - By Mark B. Mann

JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler Linda Steinke uses Foredom's new pre-finishing wheels and polishing compound to finish fabricated and cast platinum pieces. 'Using these new products has eliminated the multiple-step process I formerly used and I'm able to accomplish my pre-finishing and polishing...

Tags: | Polishing |

Copper Mesh Plique a Jour - By Jaime Frechette

Interested in illuminating my work and using experimental techniques, I came across copper mesh. There are many kinds of mesh, but only a few are easily obtained without buying in bulk from industrial suppliers. I have been using the 'Impressions' mesh, from American Art Clay Co., with transparent...

Tags: | Plique-a-jour |

A Universal Expanding Ring Mandrel for the Small Lathe - By Nick Carter

The other week a friend came by the shop for some jewelry related lathe help. She was using a ring holder meant for benchwork (GRS Benchmate) to chuck her rings, both waxes and metal) for turning. While her holder worked, I thought I could come up with something better. Based on the Taig #1132 Blank...

Tags: | Tools | Homemade Tools |

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