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Beryllium-Diffused Blue Sapphire? - By Beard Morgan

Beryllium diffusion typically brightens the color of ruby or sapphire, making a stone more yellow, orange, or red, depending on the original color. Because the color change can go all the way through the stone, the treatment is more difficult to identify than traditional diffusion, which is an...

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A Second Look at Tiger's Eye - By Anne Sasso

For the past 125 years, textbooks and museum displays have relied on the beauty of tiger's eye to add interest to an often dry description of pseudomorphism, a term that simply means the replacement of one mineral by another while preserving the form of the original mineral. Mineralogists once...

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Some useful North American addresses for equipment, materials and information - By Charles Lewton-Brain

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Tourmaline - A gift from nature - By Sandra I. Smith

Tourmaline is one of the most unusual of all gemstones. Unlike other gems, which we often identify with a single color, tourmaline comes in every hue. Often more than one color occurs in the same crystal. Watermelon tourmaline, which is pale....

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Using Sticky Foam to Lay Out Designs for Laser Welding - By Susan Eisen

Designing stock pieces for my jewelry store has never been more fun than it is now that I have a laser welder in my shop. When I was learning to use the laser, one of the trainers gave me a fun tip for assembling my designs that I love to share with other jewelers.... ...

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