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Creation and Innovation In The Bunz Jubilee Year - By Stefan Hencke

The renowned jewelry and watch manufacturer Bunz will celebrate its 30th anniversary in June 2005. Since the company was launched in 1975, the world famous jewelry designer, Georg Bunz, has enthralled the specialist audience and numerous consumers with his exceptional and significant creations....

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Is Raking or Singeing Better Buff Prep? - By Ann Cahoon

There are as many people in favor of raking as a buff preparation method as those who prefer singeing. So armed with two brand new, six-inch stitched muslin buffs and a stopwatch, I set out to discover which buff preparation method was faster and more effective....

Tags: | Polishing | Beginner's Corner | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Making a Riffle File - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Every now and then when you are fabricating a piece or polishing a casting, a hole or hollow will pop up that needs to be filed and smoothed. You can usually get at it using a bur and abrasive tools in your flex-shaft. But when you just can´t reach the hole, an old-fashioned tool called a...

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Customize Your Tools |

Studio Visit - Daniel Jocz - By J.E. Paterak

Upon reaching the porch of Daniel Joczs Cambridge studio and home, I recalled having been there briefly for a party during one of Mass Arts successful symposiums more than seven years earlier. Jocz and I met again at Haystacks New Works workshop last September. For five days the school becomes for...

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Inquire Within: The Holloware of David Huang - By Ann L. Larsen

Several disparate techniques and a clear personal philosophy came together over a period of years to produce these extraordinary pieces. Born in 1971 in Michigan, Huang settled on visual art as a career even before he entered high school. By his senior year, five of his six classes were studio art,...

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