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Key Terms Used in Metal Forming - By Betty Helen Longhi & Cynthia Eid

Some of the nomenclature used in forming will be familiar but some might be new. Air pocket, Anticlast, Axis, Axial curve/Axial line, Bay, Bouge (booj), Compound curve form, Course, Cross peen, Furrow, Monocurve form, Planish, Radial Curve/Radial Axis, Stake and Synclast....

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In The Pink - Retail sales are back on track, but with a twist. - By Marlene A. Prost

If we needed more proof that our society is obsessed with celebrity style, we have only to look at the spectacular success of pink gemstones in retail stores this year. Last year was the year of pink in clothing and accessories, from Hollywood red carpets to Milan runways. That demand extended to...

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Tanzanian Ruby Find Brings Hope - By Hamza Kondo

High quality ruby is being mined in the province of Rukwa , in the southern highlands of Tanzania , according to local sources. Miners in the region are calling the material "Burma" or "pigeon blood" ruby, a reference to the most desirable colors on the market today....

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Better & Safer Etching - Metal Salt Etching, Resists & Resist Removal - By Gail Nelson

Metalsmiths and enamelists have used ferric chloride for several years as a safer alternative to nitric acid for copper and brass etching purposes. Although it is generally thought of as etching with an acid, ferric chloride is actually a salt. Etching and resist removal solutions recently developed...

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The Rubies and Spinels of Afghanistan A brief history - By Richard W. Hughes

Afghanistan's ruby/spinel mines are one of the great mysteries of gemology. Historically, rubies and red spinels have been produced from four areas: Burma, Sri Lanka, the Thai/Cambodian border (ruby only; no red spinel) and Afghanistan. While extensive accounts exist regarding the other deposits, in...

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