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Charles Loloma - Hopi Modernist - By Ellen Berkovitch

Master jeweler Charles Loloma was a Hopi spiritual leader -- a member of the Badger Clan and a Hopi snake priest. His powers of charm extended through his ritual life and into his compelling jewelry. In daily life, Loloma never talked about Hopi religion. But his jewelry limns the Hopi landscape and...

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Mystery and Memory - The Jewelry of Sandra Enterline - By Patricia Harris and David Lyon

Since earning a BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1983, Enterline has narrowed her focus to a handful of simple shapes and forms and has emphasized construction so spare that it might almost seem severe. In the first decade of her career, she often made spheres, but found herself...

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Morro Redondo Tourmaline - By Mark Liccini

This is a report on the largest occurrence of Tourmaline in the history of Brazil gem mining; the Morro Redound Tourmaline of the State of Minas Gerias Brazil. The material was first discovered in 1992 near the village of Morro Redondo, in the northeast of Minas Gerias....

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Making Earring posts by hand - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Yes you can make your own earring posts. It is generally more cost effective to buy them, but making them is not a problem and there are times that it is useful to know how....

Tags: | Wire Working | Hinges & Catches | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Some application methods for applying Patination solutions to metal surfaces - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Extremely clean metal surfaces give better results. See the article on Cleaning metal surfaces for more information on cleaning....

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