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Multi-Metal Lamination - aka Metal Overlay - By Sandra Noble Goss

Multi-metal Lamination is a type of 'faux' married metal which produces a freer, more 'painterly' effect than the hard-edge, highly graphic, married metal. It is a technique in which designs may appear to float over other shapes and patterns. MML may be used in a figurative way or to produce...

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Reticulation Notes - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Reticulation produces lovely textured surfaces that appear very 'natural' and can be controlled to produce specific patterns with practice. Used extensively by craft and art jewelers in the 1960's and early 70's in North America it lost fashionability in the 80's. It provides textured sheet metal...

Tags: | Reticulation |

Studio Visit - Jack and Marilyn da Silva - By Jennifer Cross Gans

Most jewelers and sculptors are quite satisfied to have one studio of their own. Between them, Jack and Marilyn da Silva have four -- each have one for their day jobs, Jacks Metals Design Studio in El Sobrante, California is a third, and then there is their favorite place of all, affectionately...

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Small Scale Double Making Procedures - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Double is a German word of french origin meaning rolled gold or gold fill material. I use it for the gold-fill material described here to differentiate it from the commercially produced sheet. Hand made double has different qualities than the manufactured metal. It is far less perfect, its finished...

Tags: | Surface Manipulation |

Dioptase: A Cyclosilicate - By Edna B. Anthony

Dioptase incorporates the native metal, copper in the Si6O18 ring structure with water to form the only gem material that so closely approaches the finest color of emerald. The small and well-defined deep green rhombohedral crystals develop in oxidation zones of weathering copper ore deposits. Its...

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