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Plating Patterns - Using Resists and Electroplating to Create Patterns - By Charles Lewton-Brain

With the ever-higher cost of precious metals, many jewelers are increasingly working with non-precious metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and copper. As jewelers design with these materials, color and pattern development have become popular ways to dress up the surfaces of these pieces.,,, ...

Tags: | Surface Manipulation | Patination | Plating & Electroforming |

The Art of Tool Making - By Steven O. Smith

There are two properties which distinguish a good tool from a bad one. The tool must have the correct shape for the work which it is to do, and the tool must be hard enough to last a long time. This class will teach you to make tools hard enough to last without being so hard that they are too...

Tags: | Homemade Tools |

Corundum: Rubies and Sapphires - By Sondra Francis

Rubies and sapphires are the same mineral: corundum, with different trace minerals creating a wide variety of color. Rubies and sapphires have been treasured for thousands of years. They were named long before anyone realized they were the same mineral. In this text, rubies include all corundum with...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Gemstones Information |

Installing an Adjustable Shank - By Alan Revere

This ring has become so hard to get on and off, but when it is on, it is loose and spins around my finger. My knuckles have gotten so big - another of your middle-aged customers with the same complaint…The fact is that as we age, our hands and fingers change shape, as do other parts of our anatomy....

Tags: | Repairs |

Fork Lifting - By Anne Barros

The fork that lays to the left of the dinner plate has a rich past, not often enough considered when twirling spaghetti around its tines. Functionally it fills the need to spear and pick up food. Its antecedents were probably the stick and skewer used for cooking over an open fire. Successive ages...

Tags: | Features |

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