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[Orchid] Casting argentium
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Noel Yovovich Thursday, May 01, 2014
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    Are you casting with Argentium? How's it going? 

    I'm asking because where I work, we use deox silver from Hoover &
    Strong or Rio. I don't like it-- it is soft, brittle, and sometimes
    we get cracks in ring shanks where the sprue is attached. I've talked
    to H&S about this, but it still happens sometimes. 

    And, no, the flasks are not being quenched hot, they are air cooled
    overnight (per the boss-- I'm not there). 

    At SNAG, I had long talks with Rhonda Coryell and Cindy Eid about
    Argentium, and I'm ready to give it a try in my own work. I got the
    go-ahead from the boss to try it for casting, here at work. 

    But before we go that route, I'd like feedback from Orchidians who
    have tried the current formulation of casting grain. 


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