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Re: [Orchid] Natural gas torches
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Mark Parkinson Thursday, May 01, 2014
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    I'd second the gas booster (I use G-tech with compressed oxygen),
    although some people just hook up directly to the gas supply, doing
    that is a real safety issue. The problem is that you need to prevent
    the freak occurrence of ignited, pressurized gas from being forced
    backwards down the gas line. You do that with a flashback arrestor
    valve. But it takes a couple of pounds of pressure to push through
    the safety valve and that is about all the pressure you get from the
    utility, so you have no pressure in your torch when you use the
    needed safety valve. With the booster you can increase the pressure
    to as much as you need to solder or cast large melts as well as push
    through the flashback arrestor. It's a much better way to go, both
    in flame size and safety. They are very simple to hook up and not
    terribly expensive, the people at G-tech are very helpful and


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