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Re: [Orchid] My first day as a jewellery exhibitor
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Barbara Ettles Carter Thursday, May 01, 2014
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    Have you ever sold a home that you lived in for some time - one that
    held memories, both good and bad, bittersweet memories of children
    laughing, illness and maybe even death? A home is invested with your
    emotions. But when you sell it, you have to begin looking at it as a
    house, not a home. 

    Because not you have a product on the market. It is the same with
    the jewelry you make - you can be proud of it but it is going to
    someone else now. when it leaves your bench, it also has to leave
    your heart in a way. 

    Does this sound like a tough thing to do? Yes it is and real estate
    people know it. That is why they usually ask the owners not to be
    present for an open house or for a showing to potential buyers. You
    can even kill a sale as a homeower even when you say you want to sell
    it. Real estate people sell a house to people to be a home for them.
    I'd consider having pieces of your jewelry in different stages of
    production - people get interested in the story of making it then
    instead of thinking that it is knocked off in a couple of minutes.
    "Anyone can do that!" is the statement you might hear - but the point
    is - maybe anyone can, but somebody did - and that somebody is you.
    You deserve respect as the maker and. the monetary value you place on
    your work is one way of showing the respect. Would these same people
    walk into a neurosurgeon's office and ask for a discount? I think not
    - but maybe some would! Good luck and keep on making beautiful
    things that SOME people will appreciate enough to part with a little
    of the ready cash. Not all. 

    Barbara on a dreary day in May that feels a lot more like March at
    10 degrees C and grey skies 

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