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Re: [Orchid] My first day as a jewellery exhibitor
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Linda Kaye-Moses Thursday, May 01, 2014
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Hello Kavitha,

    Don't dispair. As with any skill/technique, closing/making a sale
    takes a lot of practice, and even then, if the right customer is not
    looking at your work, you won't sell it. That is the rule in the
    retail world. 

    You know the true value of your work, you know the effort and skill
    that has gone into making it. you know the cost of the materials and
    tools that the work requires. You also love your work. You only need
    to find the words to describe that clearly to any and all who are
    looking at it at an exhibition. 

    Since that takes practice, take the time to stage a practice
    session, not at an exhibition or show, with someone(s) you trust and
    develop a sales dialogue with them. Tell that person to be
    aggressive, to comment negatively, to ask for a better price. And
    practice dealing with that in a positive, non-defensive manner. And
    do it over and over again, until you feel comfortable describing
    your work in the best light. Praise it to the sky, cheer yourself
    on. Afterwards, each time, go out and reward yourself with an ice
    cream cone, some chocolate, a cup of coffee, or whatever is a
    comfort taste for you. 

    For most of us, it's hard work, selling anything, but especially
    selling the work that is closest to our heart, the work that we've
    made with our own hands. 

Good luck and don't give up,

Linda Kaye-Moses

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