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Re: [Orchid] [Source] 18k Palladium white gold
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R.E.Rourke Saturday, July 27, 2013
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    Most online vendors do not have 18K Palladium White. Are you a
    business? If so both H&S and Stuller should open an account for you.
    If not try Cookson Gold in the UK, they sell both 18 Kt white, and
    Palladium but not alloyed Pd18Kt White. There are a number of on line
    and industrial oriented sites but often their metals are sold in
    ridiculous pre-cut sizes at ridiculous prices and even then many will
    not sell to non-businesses. You can always go to a local independent
    jeweller and ask if they would order X for you (if they sell bridal
    lines most likely they use Stuller and/or Hoover and Strong).Or get a
    tax id number and send in your own application(s) for accounts. in
    some states your ssn serves as your tax id number if you are
    "investigating the feasibility of opening a business".The only other
    option is to create a group buy with a few friends of which one has
    a metalsmithing business. I do periodic group buys for students, etc.
    it works well for all participants as long as the group sets a
    minimum purchase amount of x metal for inclusion in the group... rer

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