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Re: [Orchid] Joyce chen kitchen scissors
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R.E.Rourke Saturday, July 27, 2013
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    First J. C *SCISSORS* are not metal shears- they are designed for
    kitchen tasks like meat cutting! I can cut 16g - down with my free
    harbour freight "penny cutters" (they frequently have a coupon for a
    free pair in their papers and catalogues)...No metalsmith *needs* the
    Joyce Chen brand name if they cut more than *very light gauge*
    materials (24 g - laser weight, They begin to struggle at 22 g.). 

    I agree with Beth fully and Joy (spoon lady) as well- particularly
    about students borrowing my equipment ! It is frustrating when
    students bring a *scissors* to class and ask to use my shears when
    they were bringing the JC's to class simply to show them off,
    (read:went to another class and the "instructor" extolled them for
    cutting paper type metal clay!!! so they all went to the local X
    mart and bought a pair) as I can assure you they were never on a
    tools list I specified. It was a fad that began about 10 years ago.
    that is dead now. The things don't stay sharp and they are not great
    for lefties, nor do the hinges stay sound. for over a month, that is,
    in the kitchen! I suspect you went to a class and someone brought
    them up - again. They aren't for metal but do well for chicken
    cartilage! Clean them and throw them in your kitchen drawer, and buy
    some heavier more versatile Fiskars if you need a lightweight,
    manoeuvrable cutter that can cut various gauges of annealed metal or
    Xuron shears designed to stay sharp when cutting a variety of gauges
    of annealed metals (14g. -down)..if you need something intended to
    stand up to metal above 24 gauge - and you probably do, use the
    right tool for the job. and *don't follow the herd when it comes to
    trendy tools*..It would be more appropriate to save the 30 bucks plus
    taxes and buy more metal (about an oz and a half troy of silver at
    present !). 

    When a scissors don't even cut through a small rosemary branch/stem
    and the warranty is voided when you put them to metal, that should be
    a clue they are intended for what the package says- kitchen use, or
    maybe cutting a rose stem!.. rer 

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