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[Orchid] Forming striped gold sheet
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Erik Savoie Saturday, July 27, 2013
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    I'm looking to get some opinions/ideas on fabricating two color
    striped metal sheet. My dilemma is whether to solder strips of
    gold/silver together or to use my furnace to fuse the strips into a
    sheet. My intention is to use thesheet as a basis for making a watch
    case back and bezel. Would soldering orfusing strips together be
    stronger? My mind is leaning towards laying alternating metal strips
    on a backing of silver or brass, and then putting them between torque
    plates in my furnace(similar to how mokume is sometimes formed). The
    forging method is more complex than hard soldering the strips, but
    for some reason I tend to think that soldering wouldn't hold as
    strong, is that true? Would a properly soldered piece hold up to
    subsequent shaping into my final piece? I would appreciate any
    pointers from anyone who has done anything likethis. 

Erik Savoie

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