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Re: [Orchid] Soldering with no holes to clean diamonds
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David Phelps Wednesday, May 01, 2013
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    The biggest issue we run into here with blind set (no holes) pieces
    is not during soldering, but after polishing. If the piece is steamed
    too quickly and the steam is aimed directly towards the stones
    without being in the ultrasonic long enough, the compound can get
    forced behind the stones, turning a two minute cleaning into a day
    long ordeal. 

    After polishing, steam from the back first just like it had holes
    and re-ultrasonic, repeat as necessary. Never aim the steam directly
    at the stones until the piece is really clean, or you'll likely wish
    you hadn't. 

    Dave Phelps 

    Who is sorry for his extended absence. I was grounded. Long story
    involving an old car, Orchid and an ice storm.

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