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Re: [Orchid] A chance to visit Australia
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Richard Hopkins Wednesday, May 01, 2013
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Hi Loren

    its called the outback because no one is there. So forget the
    workshops outback. 

    BUT you could do workshops or sell your goods at markets in more
    populated areas. 

    LEGAL we are a country born from convicts so that is a moot point. 

    It is possible but you will have to do some paperwork, you need a
    457 visa to work legally. 

    But if you buy your metal here then your HOBBY is not a problem. 

    I would buy your tools and metal here email Charles Anderson check
    Orchid posts for email, he works at House of Jewellery tool supplies
    and use Alloy and Gold Supplies or A and E metals for your metal.
    Also if you make your bracelets in red, yellow and black, the
    Aborigines will buy a lot. 

    These are their colours like green, yellow, red and black are rasta
    colours. I teach aboriginal kids and they make red yellow and black
    jewellery by the ton. Also I could possibly get you a day at my
    school I am the jewellery teacher. 

    $75 per hour is the going rate so you could get $350 for the day. 

    If you get it right you could travel our country and make money. 

    But some advice we have the deadliest of everything, spiders to

    So don't touch it! it will kill you. 

    Also we have Vegimite, a spread for bread and toast etc. Be very
    careful if you are offered this stuff most os people cannot handle
    it, so we aussies love to give it to tourists the reaction is

    You will really like it here in OZ in spite of our nasties, the food
    and people are great and so is the weather. 

    We also have a great art and craft movement so your skills, I
    checked out your webpage, would really be appreciated. 

    Also if you get to the East Coast I could put you up for a few days
    we have a 3 bedroom house in the country, and get you into some
    markets. We also have a shed that often has my son's metal band to
    stay if there are a few of you and if you want photos of birds we
    have a great variety, also snakes, leaches, ticks, scorpions,
    spiders, moths, kangaroos etc. 

    Loren it will take some planning on your part but it is achievable.
    I would also get in touch with National Geographic to see if you can
    sell them an article with the photos. 

    Also I have a workshop you could run a class in but where I live,
    think Deliverance the movie, they won't pay much LOL. 

    Anyway it would be great to see you if you get here. 

    Email me offline if you need more details. 

All the best you will have a great time
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