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Re: [Orchid] Setting burs and 22K gold
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R.E.Rourke Tuesday, April 02, 2013
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    Microcopy a dental lab supply company makes a depth cuter that is
    ideal for tubing seats- they come in a pack of 25 single use burs
    (as for dental use) but their diamonds are deBeers sintered natural
    diamonds and don't clog. They have a spiral style and a non spiral
    style, well brands, that have a variety of styles that are
    appropriate for seat cutting. another brand I like is Piranha- they
    too have non-clogging cutting heads and a variety of grits as well
    as styles- some better than others for tubing of high karat gold. The
    spiral burs emit a ribbon of metal that is easily collected rather
    than particles flying all over. the depth cutters also serve as a
    guage of sorts. I can make two tube settings using a single bur due
    to where the cutting surfaces are located on the shanks.
    Alternatively they (microcopy) makes a single cutting head on a
    shank eliminating the potential for making two identical seats on a
    length of tubing. rer 

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