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[Orchid] Unusual find
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Donald Dietz Wednesday, March 06, 2013
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    All, This may be a bit out of sorts but this gentleman, who is an
    acquaintance of mine, has a problem that needs solving. I am sending
    you the text of an email from him in the hopes that someone can
    help. Cheers, Don in South Florida 

    Was participating in the Python Challenge and found a gold pendant
    while in the swamps. 

    Pictures are attached.

    Turns out that we were in an area about 300 yards east of the
    Valujet crash site (May 11 1996) and in the debris field area of the
    Eastern Flight 401 (December 29 1972) 

    Took it to a jeweler and confirmed the gold is gold and the diamonds
    are diamonds. Cut on the diamonds are rose cut. Style out dated and
    not that common anymore. 

    A portion of the pendant/medallion has been melted from something. 

    The symbols are the big kicker. Each of the three visible arms of
    the square cross have different symbols. One looks familiar. 

    Did some checking into Gallic, Celtic, Catholic Church, Papal
    symbols, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Saints symbols, etc. Have
    not found a match yet. The leaves on it (grouped in threes) to not
    follow what most Gallic and Celtic designs show. 

    Goal is to find a little out about it. If it is from one of the two
    crashes, I would like (strongly) to get it back to the rightful
    heirs. Would be some really good karma for all involved. 

    Please feel free to forward this to anyone that may have some
    insight on the symbols and design. 

Mark Rubinstein

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