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Re: [Orchid] Bench Pin video
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Mark Parkinson Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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>     Not affiliated with GRS, just a satisfied customer. 

    I'm a great big fan of GRS tools too. I remember when I first got my
    benchmate, long ago, how pleasantly surprised I was that someone was
    finally making high quality hand tools for bench jewelers. I also
    love their micro-engraving ball and their Acrobat stand. 

    I'm in the flat side up camp in the big bench pin debate. 

    A funny little bench pin story. Although I had been working on the
    bench since I was 18, my mother, (who is a super smart lady, who I
    admire and love very much), had never visited my shop until I was
    maybe 35 years old. She came in, looked around, walked up to one of
    the benches, pointed at the bench pin and said, "Don't those things
    hurt?" When I looked puzzled and asked what she meant she responded,
    "Well, don't you rest your head on that when you work?" 

    We all cracked up and then set her straight. 

    I always think of that when I'm giving a shop tour to the
    uninitiated. What seems obvious to us can be a confusing mystery to
    people unfamiliar with the inner workings of a shop or studio. 


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