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Re: [Orchid] Do customers prefer hand fabricated jewelry?
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leonid surpin Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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>     Better yet, some of the correspondence between Faberge and the
>     Tzars? The Easter Eggs just happened because Faberge wanted to have
>     a dozen guys working on one project for 6 months of the year. 

    I wonder where this idea came from ? 

    Tsar Alexander II was killed by political terrorists tossing bomb
    under his carriage. His legs were completely blown off, but he was
    still able to give an order to take him to the palace where he bled
    to death on palace steps. This was shockingly tragic event for the
    whole family. 

    Maria Fedorovna, wife of his successor Alexander III was especially
    influenced by the tragedy. On top of the assassination, prior to
    coronation tsar family received basket with pained eggs made of wood
    as Easter gift. When one of the eggs was open, it was found to
    contain 2 ivory skulls and silver dagger. 

    There was also a note clarifying symbolism of the gift. This plunged
    Maria Fedorovna into deep depression. 

    Alexander asked Faberge to make a gift for his wife to take her mind
    of sense of gloom hanging over the palace. Maria Fedorovna wasn't her
    real name. She was princess Dagmar of Denmark. Faberge shrewdly
    reasoned that recreating her childhood experiences could accomplish
    the task. So he travel to Denmark on fact finding mission, where he
    saw large ivory egg in the collection of Denmark Royal Jewels. He was
    told that princess Dagmar was very fond of that egg. That was all
    that Faberge needed. The very first Faber Egg was almost exact copy
    of the Danish egg. The only difference was in hidden surprise. Maria
    Fedorovna loved the gift and Alexander ordered Faberge to produce
    different egg for every Easter. 

Leonid Surpin

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